Bradley and Renee are in the Ol’ Baby Battle

There’s a story that National Enquirer has printed regarding the heavily publicized relationship between Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger. The story goes that Renee and Bradley are having the old problem of one wanting a baby and the other, well, not so much. And of course, because Renee’s the woman in the couple, it has to be her that wants the baby, right? Right. According to the Enquirer anyway. I personally think this story is a hunk of garbage.

Apparently, Bradley’s gotten that little pointed head of his so big that he wants to keep making movies and big bucks before he starts adding to their family. And why are these two even talking about babies when they’ve only been dating for a few months? Well it seems that the two are also talking about wedding plans. Another thing about this story that I don’t believe. Here’s the ‘full’ story from National Enquirer,

“Bradley only recently got his first taste of Hollywood stardom with ‘The Hangover’ and as much as he loves Renee, he’s not ready for a family,” a close pal told the Enquirer. “In his mind, marriage is one thing, but kids are quite another.”

While Bradley, 35, is positioned as the next big star, “Renee, at 40, wants a baby as soon as possible, and that conflict has become their wedding roadblock.”

After Renee charmed his parents, Bradley gave her the green light to begin planning the nuptials, but “he’s suddenly downshifted,” the source says. “Bradley wants to wait a few more years to have a baby, while Renee is feeling pressure to conceive due to her age.”

“They had their first big argument in early January. Now Bradley is saying they need to sort out their differences before moving ahead. So, for the time being, they’re at a wedding stalemate.”

The first thing that made me skeptical about this story was that the Enquirer is claiming that The Hangover was Bradley’s ‘first taste of Hollywood.’ Uuumm….are they forgetting the major role that Bradley played on Alias? Or his role in The Wedding Crashers? I do think that The Hangover was his most successful movie – and one that he played a leading role in, as opposedto the two I mentioned when he was a supporting cast member. But still. Those were huge hits, both the TV show and the movie and I think Bradley had a ‘taste of Hollywood’ long before The Hangover came along.

I might also mention that I hardly think Renee would be so willing to marry someone after she ended up getting an annulment after four months of marriage to Kenny Chesney. And by the way, Bradley and Renee are both very busy right now also knocking down rumors that they’re moving in together. So the fact that they’re also looking at babies and marriage is highly doubtable. I think on this one, it was a slow news day and the Enquirer had some blank pages to fill.

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