Miley Wears the Ring but is NOT Engaged

Remember that guy, Liam Hemsworth that I posted about the other day? Sorry, you probably remember him better as “the latest guy that Miley’s screwing under her parents’ noses.” Yes, he is indeed the latest boyfriend of Miley Cyrus and yes, as far as I know, he is still living in her house. With her and her parents. Because if it doesn’t work that way, Miley’s out the door. Well, it seems that she might be out the door soon anyway because Miley has recently been spotted wearing a wedding ring. Hmm, I wonder if Liam and Miley will continue living in Billy and Tish’s house once they say their vows?

Come on, who are we kidding? This engagement is never going to go through! This is one of Miley’s many mistakes, and there are many more to follow. Besides that, her reps say that she isn’t even planning on getting married. So what’s the point of the ring then? According to her friends, Miley thinks that Liam is ‘the one’ and does want to marry him someday. Just not right now. All of this comes from BumpShack,

“Disney star Miley Cyrus, who is currently dating her “The Last Song” co-star Liam Hemsworth (photos here), was spotted wearing a ring on her left hand and naturally the rumors of a possible engagement quickly spread (more photos below).

The 17 year-old actress/singer’s rep quickly debunked the rumors, simply saying, “Miley’s not engaged” YET! Miley’s Aussie boyfriend has reportedly already moved in with her family and they are absolutely completely head over heels. An insider tells Miley actually thinks Liam is “the one” and she wants to marry young but certainly not at 17.”

The only thing I don’t believe about this story is that Miley thinks she’s too young to get married. Miley doesn’t think that she’s too young to do anything! And I bet that good ol’ Billy and Tish are already picking out her china patterns while making reservations at the ceremony and reception sites. Honestly, this family is so screwed up, you really just have to shake your head, back away, and be very very thankful that you’re not part of it!

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