Cutie Watch: Angie and her Girls

By ‘cutie’ I’m obviously talking about the two younger little women and not the homewrecking tramp that’s leading them around everywhere. But Shiloh and Zahara are definitely very cute! At first, I didn’t actually know if this was Shiloh or Maddox only because Shiloh is dressed very casual and doesn’t seem to be very girly. Then I took half a second and realized that Maddox is 8, Zahara is 5, and Shiloh is 3. So yeah, it’s Shiloh. Or else Maddox has some serious development issues that need to be looked into.

I got the photo of the ladies shopping at the Whole Foods Market from Radar Online and I was shocked at how many people were making fun of Shiloh’s outfit (saying that she looked like a boy, another reason I thought Radar might be mistaken.) But I think Shiloh’s outfit is cute, even if she might want to think about ditching that “I’m just like my Dad” hat, and it’s not super girly. I’ll attack Angie with the best of em. But I really do think that when it comes to dressing her kids, she can do whatever the hell she wants. And as for Angie? I’m glad to see that she extends that wearing-a-carpet look past award shows.

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