Tiger Tries Rehab to Save His Marriage

It seems that Tiger Woods is willing to try just about anythingto save his marriage. Too bad he didn’t think about that before he started bedding every woman in the free world. But it seems that Tiger is now seeking professional help the same way that David Duchovny did – by going to sex rehab. Is this the latest trend? If you are too horny to only sleep with the one person that is your spouse, you blame it on a sex addiction and that makes it okay? I think that people, even if they are suffering from a sex addiction, that they still know right from wrong and still know that they are hurting people with their actions. But the real kicker here is that this supposedly isn’t the first time that Tiger’s gone to sex rehab. It is in fact, the second time in the last month that he’s gone. From National Enquirer,

“Tiger Woods is getting treatment for his sex addiction in Hattiesburg, Miss., sources say.

The King of Swing whose infidelity sparked atsunami of self-confessed mistresses checked into the Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction services, RadarOnline.com reports.

According to the Web site for the facility, patients usually spend about six weeks in treatment.

Sex addicts receive a variety of treatments, including group therapy, cognitive behavior therapy and “shame reduction.”

As The Enquirer reported previously then potent putter has been in hiding since his early morning car crash the day after Thanksgiving after a fight with his wife Elin Nordegren over his affair with Rachel Uchitel.

It was previously reported he sought treatment over the holidays at the Meadows, another well known sex addiction clinic.”

I don’t think that sex rehab is all Tiger’s marriage needs to be mended. I think divorce papers are the only thing that will fix it now. And I don’t think I would believe my husband if he told me that he had a sex addiction. Or else I just wouldn’t care. I just don’t think the problem here is that Tiger has an addiction. I think it’s that he’s been told his whole entire life how awesome he is, and now he thinks that he’s entitled to whatever the hell he wants.

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