Bob Guiney & Rebecca Budig: Splitsville!

This is one divorce that I am actually sad to see. Bob Guiney, who charmed the entire world when he appeared on The Bachelor, and Rebecca Budig, who plays the rich and whiny (although we’re really supposed to love her) Greenly on All My Children, have split up after five years of marriage. Apparently, the two have been secretly separated for some time now but they just can’t seem to make things work so have decided to make the split official. It’s too bad really. Although I hate her character on the soap, I do really like Rebecca and I think she’s an okay actress. And Bob. Who didn’t fall in love with Bob Guiney during his season on The Bachelor? The news comes from Star,

“Bachelor Bob Guiney’s five year marriage to All My Children star Rebecca Budig is over! The couple, who have been secretly separated for a few months, have decided to officially call it quits!
“Bob and Rebecca realized they were not meant to be together,” a friend tells Star. “They don’t love each other anymore and want to move on with their lives.

Adding: “They have been separated for a while but hadn’t made a final decision until now. They have hired an arbitrator to help handle the process and will be filing for divorce in Michigan, where they got married.”

Rebecca, 36, gave the first hint that her marriage to Bob, 38, was in trouble when she was spotted without her ring on at the TCA’s in Pasadena on January 13th.

“Bob and Rebecca want to get through this painful situation as quickly and quietly as possible,” continues the source. “Bob is definitely eager to become a free man and already has his eye on a few girls he’s like to date. He’s a naturally charming guy and pretty girls are drawn to him so he won’t have to work to hard to find a girlfriend.”

The pair first met in January 2003, while taping a segment for Bachelor XYZ, which Rebecca hosted. When Bob split with Estella Gardinier, who he proposed to on the ABC reality series, he started dating Rebecca, and popped the question the following year.

Rebecca was previously married to Daniel Geller, but their marriage only lasted four months.”

Wow, it’s been a tough go for these two in the romance department. Bob does seem to be kind of a player though so it doesn’t really surprise me all that much that he ‘already has his eye on a few girls he’d like to date.’ Seriously? When your divorce isn’t even final yet? That’s a little rude I think.

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#1 jane on 02.05.10 at 4:53 pm

Gosh, anyone who liked/loved Bob Guiney is not at all perceptive. I could see he was an opportunist from the get go. An ego maniac. How could anyone love him? And at the Trista wedding, it was so obvious that Estella was trying to be romantic, while Guiney was totally ignoring her.

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