Bump Watch: Amy Adams

I’m really developing a soft spot for Amy Adams. At first I thought she was just another starlet that would pop up on the big screen, appear with one or two big names, and then fade out into the background. But then I watched Julie & Julia and realized that this girl has got a reason to show us that we need to pay a little more attention! She really is too cute for words and while she’s pregnant and glowing, we managed to grab a pic of her as well as some excerpts on what she’s craving during her pregnancy. No pickles and ice cream here. It’s bare-chested men, cat naps, and well, cookies. From Celebrity Dirty Laundry,

“Via Popeater with a baby on the way, ‘Leap Year’ actress Amy Adams says she is doing “pretty good.” “I’m surprised how tired I get. I’ve learned that when you get tired, you need to lie down and have a cookie,” she tells PopEater.

And when she’s resting, she can’t help but watch ‘Law and Order: SVU’ marathons. “Even if you know you’ve seen the episode before, you know at some point Chris Meloni is going to take his shirt off and that’s always good,” Adams adds.”

See? She’s just too cute. And she’s really the only reason why I have any interest in seeing Leap Year. I have to admit, that one’s probably going to be a rental for me. But I’m sure I’ll enjoy Amy’s performance in it. The movie is already out in theaters and Amy’s baby is due in the spring. Congrats again!

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