Is Derek Jeter Getting Married?

I’m not a big baseball fan. I have to admit, before Alex Rodriguez started dating Madonna, I only vaguely knew who he was. But I definitely didn’t know what he team he played for, and I still couldn’t tell you what position he plays. The same goes for Derek Jeter, but even more so. I had no clue who he was, the name rung absolutely no bells. So the fact that he had gotten engaged didn’t even faze me, let alone shake my world. But apparently, it shook the worlds of many.

Derek Jeter apparently, is this huge ladies man, let alone being the Captain of the New York Yankees, and some kind of superstar in that area too. But the news that he had finally decided to settle down with one woman, after being notorious for sleeping around, was bignews to some. I wasn’t interested until I heard that Derek Jeter may not actually be engaged, let alone planning a wedding in the near future. Then I became very interested. Even though it may not be to me, that’s big news to muck up. Here People has a rundown of the debate as to whether or not Derek Jeter is engaged,

“Somehow it’s hard to picture: Derek Jeter picking out place settings and flower arrangements in between chasing another World Series title.

But that’s the word from his hometown paper, the New York Post, which reports the Big Apple’s most eligible bachelor for a long time is finally going to settle down with a November 5 wedding to Minka Kelly.

Never mind that the pair haven’t even confirmed they’re engaged, or that the run-up to baseball’s Fall Classic may cut into the Yankee star’s wedding-planning commitments: the ceremony is supposedly scheduled for two days after the end of the World Series. Not to mention, the Yankees still have to make it to the Series for the scheduling conflict to be an issue.

Their reps so far have not commented, and the news reports that have come since conflict. An NBC Sports blog thinks the wedding is for Jeter’s sister, not him, while Sports Illustrated reports that not only is the wedding true, but they’ve known about it for weeks.”

Usually a story that says the reps aren’t talking tells me that the story is true. And it’s hard to say because all of these sources are reputable enough to believe. But, there’s just something about this that just doesn’t ring true to me. Why would Jeter plan a wedding just days after the ending of the World Series? And, the couple hasn’t even confirmed that they’re engaged so, how did we jump to a wedding later this year? So, Derek Jeter probably isn’t engaged? Or maybe he is but the media has gotten the date wrong? Who knows at this point but I’m starting to feel sorry that I got involved in the first place.

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#1 Lea on 01.31.10 at 2:29 pm

Yeah that could be hard to imagine a foot ball player planning to settle down with only one woman but I think there’s no backing out with the commitment he has now now with her gf.

#2 Yanilea on 02.05.10 at 5:13 am

I read in a news that they’ve been together for a while. Hope they would stay longer.

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