People Are Still Talking about Adam Lambert’s AMA Performance

Remember back in December when Adam Lambert performed at the AMA’s and disgusted the crowd, both live and television audience, with his performance? Well it seems that people, both lovers and haters, are still talking about it. When I heard that the FCC had released a handful of the 5000 complaints they received over the Lambert performance, I thought I would totally agree with most of them. And some of them I do. But I’m a hater and even I have to say, some of them go just a little too far.

No, Adam Lambert shouldn’t be raked over the coals because he’s gay. But he should be heavily reprimanded for any sex show that was shoved in our faces. I am an adult and my children were not up to watch it. But I was still offended. It was for pure shock value and the fact that we’re still talking about it only goes to show that he’s gotten exactly what he wants out of it. But still, name calling is never appropriate and Adam is free to be who he chooses. But men with men, women with women, or men with women, I don’t want to be conned into watching it. These are some of the comments the FCC released, from the Smoking Gun,

“JANUARY 7–After “American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert kissed a male bandmate/simulated oral sex with another guy on ABC’s “American Music Awards” broadcast, the Federal Communications Commission received more than 5000 complaints about the primetime homoeroticism. On the following pages you’ll find a sampling of the letters sent to the FCC by Americans who were outraged by Lambert’s raunchy November 22 performance of his song “For Your Entertainment.” The correspondence was released after TSG filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FCC. Many correspondents believed that Lambert, 26, ruined an evening they had been sharing with their children (most of whom who love Taylor Swift). A viewer from Rainbow City, Alabama thought that Lambert, who is gay, was “shoving his homosexuality down our throats.” An Ohio resident wrote of being glad their 94-year-old grandmother had gone to bed before Lambert’s “disgusting” display. However, the viewer noted, the elderly relative did have to endure a Shakira performance during which the gyrating singer was seen “pushing her twat in my face.” Another writer wondered whether a kiss shared by two “fudge packers” fell below broadcast standards. Along with the barrage of complaints, a handful of correspondents wrote to support Lambert or goof on the anger prompted by his performance. Lambert was a “dangerous gay male” who should have been “denied…his rights as a human being,” one viewer wrote. “All of the impressionable children that were watching this at 11pm on a school night with their parents permission may be scarred forever because of Mr. Lambert’s disregard for family values.”

Like I said, I think that Adam Lambert as a homosexual has all the rights that I do as a heterosexual, or that he should anyway. I also know that I would never flaunt any sexual performance like that in front of anybody. And while I agree that children shouldn’t be up at 11pm on a school night, I have to go back to the fact that I think it’s perfectly okay if I am. And that I was the one who was offended, strictly because I found it disturbing.

But I don’t think personally attacking Adam Lambert’s personal choices is the way to go either. He’s free to love who he loves, and I wish him the best in it. And I’m also glad that one person who wrote in said that their grandmother was offended by Shakira’s performance. One defense that Lambert used after the whole scandal exploded was that we don’t pay nearly enough attention to all the celebrities that are starting to get way too lewd on stage. On that point anyways, he’s right. We don’t, instead we pick and choose that which we find offensive. But what do I know? I write this yet Eminem is my all time favorite artist. Talk about picking and choosing.

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#1 margret on 01.11.10 at 3:58 am

It was more than performance!!

#2 mozhgan joon on 07.15.11 at 10:59 pm

I Loooooooooove him!

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