Jude Law will Honor His Daughter with Some Daddy Time

I can’t believe I used to actually like Jude Law. Mind you, that was back when I didn’t know a thing about the personal lives of celebrities and just thought that he was a hottie that could act. And no doubt, I was right on both accounts. But now that I’ve gotten myself so deep into all the stars’ personal lives that I never, ever want to come out, I now know that everything about Jude Law screams, “BAD PERSON!” Not badass, like he wants you to think. Just a bad person.

Jude’s latest indiscretion involves a daughter of his that was born in September. Little baby girl Sophia was born in September to a woman that Jude Law undoubtedly slept with one night before returning for another STD from Sienna Miller. Regardless of his feelings for the woman (who he never had an actual relationship with), this sweet baby was born. And Jude still hasn’t seen her. That’s right. The baby was born waaaaaayyy back in September, and she has yet to meet her daddy. Nice guy. But all of that is about to change as Jude has decided to bless his daughter with the privilege of meeting him face-to-face. What a sweetheart. From Contact Music,

“British actor JUDE LAW has reportedly reached out to the mother of his lovechild in a bid to set up a first meeting with his daughter.
The Alfie star became a father for the fourth time when American model Samantha Burke gave birth to little Sophia in September (09).
Law, who has three kids with ex-wife Sadie Frost, has reportedly stayed away since the birth and has yet to meet the baby, who was conceived after a fling while the actor was working in New York.
But now Law is said to have contacted Burke and is willing to meet his daughter for the first time, according to British newspaper the News of the World.
A source tells the publication, “(Law plans to visit) within a few weeks. She’s (Burke) over the moon. She was hurt he had not seen Sophia.”

I don’t think I would be ‘over the moon’ about Jude’s decision if I was the mother of that baby. I think I would be infuriated. Enraged. Wanting to see him burning in hell. Something along those lines anyway. I wouldn’t take it as some gracious act that he’s bestowing upon us. I mean really, Sophia was born four months ago and he’s just going to meet her now? What’s so exciting about that? He probably just wants the mother to sign away any child support payments that she might have coming to her before he’s back out the door acting like the very terrible person he is. Bad, Jude Law. Very, very bad!

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