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Taylor Swift is a Heartbreaker for Sure!

Taylor Swift is a girl that knows how to get around. But the best thing about her is that, a sweeter girl you will not find. It’s part of that sweetness I’m sure, that is what makes men swoon over her as she leaves broken hearts in her trail. First she was seen out with […]

Well Here’s an Entertaining Show for us All

What’s the first thing a celebrity couple does when it’s rumored they’re in trouble and they want to tell the world to stuff a sock in it? Go out very publicly and act all cuddly and loving. Of course, because a few kisses here and there should be proof enough for anyone. But that’s exactly […]

First Pics of Matthew McConaughey’s Baby Girl Vida!

I think there’s something wrong with people who don’t like Matthew McConaughey. I have to admit, once I found out about the whole placenta-burying thing, I tried really hard not to like him. Just because, ew that’s gross. But I just can’t do it! Everything about him is just so darned cute, including that little […]

Bradley is Renee’s Knight in Shining Armor

Well for those that think the relationship between Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper is strictly publicity-driven, it’s hard to deny the care that is shown in this story. On Thursday, Renee went to Bradley’s home, dressed in the workout gear she’s becoming so famous for, and while she had her car door open outside of […]

Michael Lohan Will Do Anything for Publicity

So we all know Michael Lohan is a douche, right? He’s a douche to his kid, Lindsay, he’s a douche to his ex-wife, Dina, and he’s a douche to just about everyone in his life. The only people, in fact, that Michael Lohan is not a douche to, are the media. He truly will do […]

The Brilliant J.D. Salinger Dies at 91

What can I say about J.D. Salinger. A 91 year-old man, who was a recluse, there’s definitely no scandal or hookup here. But Salinger, the author of classic books such as Catcher in the Rye and Franny and Zooey has passed away in his home in Cornish, New Hampshire. I really cannot say how much […]

Tiger Gets a Visit from Elin in Rehab

We all knew that Tiger Woods was spending some quality time in rehab trying to get “better”, meaning that he’s trying to learn how to act like a grownup and keep it in his pants. Up until last week, Tiger had been in hiding and seemed to be trying to work through his issues privately. […]

Lover Watch: LeAnn and Eddie

Well now that they’re no longer having a steamy and torrid affair, LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian make no bones about making public appearances. On Sunday they were seen enjoying the Sundance Film Festival in Park City and strolling through the Main Street. There have recently been talks that LeAnn has become a bit possessive […]

Another Story of Kate Gosselin Hitting Her Kids

Oh please. First of all, I’m not even sure why we’re still talking about Kate Gosselin. The nurse turned reality TV mom turned divorce mom with no show is now living her life in the way that she fits (which includes a new ‘do), and doing all the regular things that regular moms do. Well, […]

Have Brad and Angelina Split?

I reallyhate writing anything about Brad and Angelina splitting up. Mostly because I’m pretty sure that all the rumors are false, so I consider reading anything about a potential split a complete waste of time. Also because I’m pretty sure that this couple is going to stay together forever just to spite me. But this […]

Charlie Sheen is Such a Loving Husband

It seems that all you have to do after beating your wife on Christmas Day and threatening her life is visit her in the hospital when she ends up in the hospital for pneumonia shortly after. That’s where Brooke Mueller is right now and her adoring husband, Charlie Sheen, visited his wife for the second […]

Jennifer Garner Touches on Her Marriage, and on Her Divorce

Do I need to say that I love Jennifer Garner? Okay, I will. I LOVE JENNIFER GARNER!! Sorry, I had to get that out of my system before I continued. Okay my BFF, Jen baby, just gave an interview with Parade Magazine and in it, she talks about her marriage to Scott Foley (which is something […]

Bradley and Renee are in the Ol’ Baby Battle

There’s a story that National Enquirer has printed regarding the heavily publicized relationship between Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger. The story goes that Renee and Bradley are having the old problem of one wanting a baby and the other, well, not so much. And of course, because Renee’s the woman in the couple, it has […]

Miley Wears the Ring but is NOT Engaged

Remember that guy, Liam Hemsworth that I posted about the other day? Sorry, you probably remember him better as “the latest guy that Miley’s screwing under her parents’ noses.” Yes, he is indeed the latest boyfriend of Miley Cyrus and yes, as far as I know, he is still living in her house. With her and […]

Are Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox Engaged?

I’m more sick of this couple than I am of Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil. Yes, there are rumors once again that Brian Austin Green and trampy Megan Fox might be engaged – AGAIN! These two first got engaged in 2006 – that’s right FOUR years ago – and ever since they have been breaking […]

Cutie Watch: Angie and her Girls

By ‘cutie’ I’m obviously talking about the two younger little women and not the homewrecking tramp that’s leading them around everywhere. But Shiloh and Zahara are definitely very cute! At first, I didn’t actually know if this was Shiloh or Maddox only because Shiloh is dressed very casual and doesn’t seem to be very girly. […]

Tiger Tries Rehab to Save His Marriage

It seems that Tiger Woods is willing to try just about anythingto save his marriage. Too bad he didn’t think about that before he started bedding every woman in the free world. But it seems that Tiger is now seeking professional help the same way that David Duchovny did – by going to sex rehab. […]

Bob Guiney & Rebecca Budig: Splitsville!

This is one divorce that I am actually sad to see. Bob Guiney, who charmed the entire world when he appeared on The Bachelor, and Rebecca Budig, who plays the rich and whiny (although we’re really supposed to love her) Greenly on All My Children, have split up after five years of marriage. Apparently, the […]

A Mel Gibson Interviewthat I Actually Don’t Hate

I used to be a big Mel Gibson fan. I loved his movies, loved his charm, and just loved the air that he seemed to carry about wherever he went. But then he went and got all Hollywood and weird. Not to mention, very judgmental on many, many political topics. I went sour on Mel […]

Sienna and Jude: Just so Wrong, it’s Right

It’s no secret that Sienna and Jude are serious about each other. They hooked back up after they both found themselves dirty and single again after hooking up with various people around theglobe. Shortly after they spent Thanksgiving together doing something terribly romantic like eating pizza or sushi or something. And now rumor has it […]