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Amy Adams is Pregnant

US is reporting that Amy Adams, who played Julie in Julie & Julia, is expecting her first baby with her fiance, Darren Legallo. I’m not a huge, huge fan of Amy Adams but I do like her and I still really need to see Julie & Julia (which by the way, was available on Blu-Ray […]

The Latest on Tiger Woods

I really wouldn’t be able to talk about all the new news surrounding Tiger Woods. What with the eighteen mistresses and all the rumors and speculation, it’s just too much. But here are some of the tidbits that I have found most interesting in the last couple of days. TMZ, which is all Tiger all […]

Amy and Blake Will Remarry in the New Year

What is Amy Winehouse thinking?! I know true love is blind but has she lost all of her senses? First she leaves Blake Fielder-Civil so that she can get away from the drug lifestyle, then she cheats on him in St. Lucia for many, many, many months, divorces him finally, and then gets back together […]

Taylor and Taylor Spend More Time Together

Both Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift have been keeping pretty mum on their relationship, which at this point, we all know is in full swing. But these two very high profile celebrities are obviously trying to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible and they seem to refuse to confirm that they are […]

There’s Nuthin Like Treating Your Marriage Like a Business Agreement

When this whole mess with Tiger Woods having an affair, that turned into three affairs, that will turn into God knows how many affairs, I really thought that he would try to handle it with as much dignity and grace as possible, which is very scant to begin with. But as more details emerge, I’m […]

Who Is Lindsay Dating?

It seems that every newspaper, magazine, tabloid, and blog in the land needs to pair Lindsay Lohan with someone, anyone these days. The reports of who Lindsay is dating range from cute to just plain weird. And most of them, probably just plain untrue. Here are three of the most current rumors and we’ll see […]

What’s Up with Nicole and Joel?

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have both been pretty quiet ever since their son Sparrow was born. But it seems, even if they haven’t been leading a very busy public life, life at home has been go-go-go. Not surprising with two children under the age of two. But there are conflicting reports as to whether […]

Your Daily Tiger Update

When it comes to celebrity news these days, it’s all about Tiger Woods. Man oh man, did this boy ever get himself into a pickle! Now a third woman, who’s a cocktail waitress in Vegas, has come forward with voicemail and text messages from Tiger. One voicemail has Tiger asking her to take his number […]

Is Lambert Backlash Necessary? Or Overkill?

I have no doubt that Adam Lambert was certainly hoping to make a statement with his lewd performance at the American Music Awards last Sunday. But instead of that statement being, “I’m here and you want more of me!”, it was “You’re here, and we don’t want you!” Yes, Adam Lambert has had many appearances […]