Leo and Bar Seem to Be Together and Happy

This past summer Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Rafaeli broke up once again. After this, Leo started dating any model he could get his hands on and Bar, well, Bar seemed to retreat into the shadows to heal her wounded heart. That much made sense, since the reason for the split was rumored to be that Bar wanted to get super serious and Leo did not. But now it seems that the couple who just can’t stay away from each other, are not staying away from each other anymore. The two were recently spotted down in Mexico, with Leo all shirtless and such and Bar showing off her own model body in an itty bitty bikini. And, is it just me, or is Leo looking a little pudgy in the gut area? I know that he’s getting older and it’s not reasonable to expect him to be in the kind of shape he was in during Titanic but seriously! The guy’s a movie star! He might want to do a few sit-ups.

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