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It was Christmas Day that Charlie Sheen was hauled out of his home in handcuffs due to a ‘domestic situation’ with his wife, Brooke Mueller and since then, we’ve heard all kinds of things, including Brooke’s refusal to cooperate with the authorities. Now we’re finding out that this refusal might come due to some threats that Charlie doled out while they were having the initial argument. This anyway, according to the story that’s being floated around now with the help of some of the police that were called to the scene. From US,

“Charlie Sheen allegedly held his wife Brooke Mueller at knifepoint and threatened to have her killed if she told anyone, according to a police affidavit released Monday.

After Mueller, 32, phoned 911 in a panic that Sheen had threatened her with a “knife,” officers went to a home in Aspen.

Officer Rick Magnuson says that when he arrived, he did not notice “any obvious injuries” on Mueller, 32, who was in the kitchen while Sheen, 44, waited upstairs.

When Magnuson took Sheen to the basement to talk, Sheen admitted that he and his wife — who wed in May 2008 and welcomed twin boys this year — had been having marital problems lately and that she “abuses alcohol,” according to the affidavit.

He said that Mueller began arguing with him at 3:30 a.m. after he “shared a song for his daughter whom he fathered with another woman.” The song made Mueller jealous, he said, and the argument escalated when she threatened to divorce him and take the children, the affidavit states.

According to the affidavit, Sheen told Magnuson that he and Mueller were yelling at each other and they had each slapped the other on the arm during the argument. He denied pushing or striking her, but he did admit that at one point, he took her eyeglasses and broke them in front of her.

Contrary to Mueller’s 911 claims, he denied threatening her with a knife. (According to the affidavit, Sheen acknowledged having a folding knife in his travel bag, which was outside the bedroom. Sheen showed the officer the dark colored, locking knife with a 4-inch blade. It was locked in the open position.)

According to the affidavit, another officer interviewed Mueller, who said she and Sheen were arguing in the bedroom. When she said she wanted a divorce, Mueller said Sheen grabbed her by the upper part of her throat while straddling her on the bed, according to the affidavit. He held a medium-sized, folding knife, blade exposed, to her throat, the affidavit states. She told the officer that Sheen said, “You better be in fear. If you tell anybody, I’ll kill you.'”

Mueller said Sheen also told her, “Your mother’s money means nothing. I have ex-police I can hire who know how to get the job done and they won’t leave any trace,” according to the affidavit, which also stated that an officer later noticed Mueller had “red marks on the upper part of the front of her neck.”

Mueller told the officer that she managed to get Sheen off her by telling him, “You’re right. You’re right. You’re right. I’m sorry. I love you.”

Sheen was later booked for second-degree assault, menacing and criminal mischief.

After spending most of his Christmas Day behind bars, he was released on $8,500 bond late Friday. (After his arrest, a rep for the actor told, “Do not be misled by appearance. Appearance and reality can be as different as night and day. It would benefit everyone not to jump to any conclusion.”)

Prosecutors say they probably won’t decide until Sheen’s next court appearance Feb. 8 whether to file charges against the actor.

In December 1996, Sheen was arrested for attacking ex-girlfriend Brittany Ashfield at his home in Southern California. He pleaded guilty in 1997 and was placed on two years’ probation.”

Now that’s interesting. In amongst Charlie Sheen’s dark past, I didn’t realize that he had proven himself to be a woman beater before. It’s no wonder I’ve never liked the guy! So who comes outbetter in this story? Charlie Sheen is a homicidal maniac that likes to threaten his wife with a knife while pinning her down on the bed, and Brooke drinks too much. Hell, if I were married to Charlie Sheen, I’d drink heavily too!

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