What’s with all the Domestic Abuse?

Happy holidays from Hollywood! This year it seems they’re going out with a bang and the fists, they are a-flyin! On Christmas Day, Charlie Sheen was hauled out in cuffs after a domestic dispute with his wife, Brooke Mueller, and now Mary J. Blige is also being pinned as a Husband Hitter. This comes after she hit her husband in public hard enough that he bled over it. From Amy Grindhouse,

“Mary J. Blige is in the Christmas spirit and spreading her unique brand of cheer. It’s not a brand you’re going to want to experience for yourself, but she’s full of the spirit alright. The NY Post is reporting that Blige smacked her husband Kendu Isaacs in the face at her record release party at club M2 Tuesday night.

The two were probably not fighting, that’s just how some people say hello. One smack for hello, two for goodbye etc. etc. The singer is reported to have hit her love so hard in the face after suspecting him of flirting that she drew blood.”

This reportactually came out on Christmas Eve so it seems that Blige was actually the first to start the new Christmas tradition. Can I just ask – seriously?!? What is up with all the domestic abuse with the celebrities lately? It started this year with Chris Brown and Rihanna and is ending with celebrities that you would never think of. Sheen, granted he’s surrounded by drama 24/7 but, a wife beater? I never took him for it. And Mary J. Blige? “Violent” was never really a word I would have associated her with before. Hopefully this isn’t a hot new trend and celebrities will be quick to smarten up and realize they can’t treat people like that. No matter who they are.

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