Kate Hooks Up with Madonna After Breaking up with A-Rod

It was earlier this week when it was announced that Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez had split up. Reports are still varying as to who split with who, whether or not the two are still on friendly terms, or if there is a chance of them getting back together. So far it seems that anything and everything is up in the air with this one. But one thing that’s known for sure is that Kate Hudson has found a comforting shoulder in this difficult time (and we all knew she would, didn’t we?)That someone though is not the arms of another man, it’s the bony and cold shoulder of Madonna, who had split with the baseball star just before he hooked up with Kate. And there were actually rumors before A-Rod and Madonna split that he and Kate were seen heavily flirting with each other at a big celeb party. So perhaps now Kate and Madonna are just trying to get the story straight? That could be the case. It seems there’s a lot to get straight on this one. From Hindustan Times,

“Kate Hudson, heart-broken by her break-up with Alex Rodriguez, has found a sympathiser in Madonna. The singer was spotted comforting the actress at the premier of her flick Nine in New York.

“When the cameras were on Kate she was all smiles. But privately you could tell she has had her heart broken,” the New York Post quoted a witness, as saying.

Gossip has it that the New York Yankee dumped Hudson because he felt she was hogging all the public attention.

Goldie Hawn, Hudson’s mum also flew in to support her. The mother-daughter duo drank dirty martinis at M2 “and hung out all night,” according to an insider.

The source said: “It was her big premiere, and she was upset Alex wasn”t there to support her.”

Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind, which became a Yankees anthem during the World Series victory, aggrieved Hudson even more.

The source said: “When the song was played at the after-party, Kate looked at her mom and did a fake scream.” However, one of Hudson’s friends says the relationship is not yet over.

The pal said: “They had a huge fight in London at the premiere of Nine, and Alex flew to Miami to hang out with his friends. But in the last few days he and Kate have started speaking again on the phone. She hopes they can work things out. But they are both verystubborn.”

So do you think that Kate and A-Rod will get back together? It wouldn’t surprise me. Kate is infamous for recycling her ex’s. And the Yankee fans might do their part on pushing the two back together as well. Word has it that they’re hoping that they’ll see Kate back next year to take them through another series. Unfortunately, because another reason given for the split was that Kate just wanted camera-time at her boyfriend’s games, one of the negotiating factors in any reunion just might be that Kate can still cheer on the Yankees….from home in front of her television.

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