A Christmas Miracle! We No Longer Need to Hear from the Spelling Ladies!

For those who were sick to death of hearing Candy Spelling publicly humiliate her daughter, and her daughter, Tori somewhat retaliating (and who could blame her), it will delight you all to know that the feud between the famous Spelling women is over! This comes after Candy has blamed her daughter for Aaron Spelling’s death, rumors swirled that Tori got “nothing” in her father’s will, and the fact that Tori and her semi-famous husband, Dean McDermott, refused to let Candy see either of her grandchildren. Well really, can you blame them? But it’s all over once and for good it seems. In fact, the two have even agreed to not only repair their relationship but to do it ‘privately.’ This is indeed the best Christmas present they could have given us. From US,

“Candy Spelling is glad that she and daughter Tori are finally speaking after years of estrangement.

But don’t expect her to dish on their reconciliation.

“We both decided to [communicate] privately, so I know that everyone will respect that because it kind of got out of hand when it wasn’t the other way,” she told Usmagazine.com Thursday at the UNICEF Ball in Beverly Hills.

Tori’s husband, Dean McDermott, recently told Us that Candy, 63, spent time with grandson, Liam, 2, and even met granddaughter Stella, 1, for the first time.

“Oh my God, she is adorable!” Candy told Us. “She is bright. Well, they both are bright — what can I say? You know what, they are the most beautiful children, but I am not a prejudiced grandmother!’

She is looking forward to spoiling them around the holidays.

“Of course, I have to have things for them to unwrap, so they know coming to grandma’s is a fun place where I have their toys and they get new toys,” she says. “But I don’t let them taken them home. They have to play with them at my house.”

I’m tempted to say something about how it’s kind of mean to give a kid a present and then not let them take it home to play with them. Or how I can’t believe that Tori has actually forgiven her for all the nasty tricks she pulled. But forget it. They’re keeping quiet for now and I don’t want to get them going again.

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