Carey Hart Gets Tattoo of Trash-Talking Wife

This is why I hate Pink. She’s this take no guff kind of girl who’s super tough and will stand up to you just for looking at her the wrong way. And while I admire a girl that stands up for herself and isn’t afraid to speak her mind, I think that Pink sometimes goes off the deep end with it sometimes and hurls insults at people for absolutely no reason. This time she’s quoted as saying that Prince William is an uneducated redneck. Uummm…excuse me? And why does she say this? Because Prince William hunts. I guess Pink doesn’t know that hunting has been a traditional pastime among royalty since away back. I guess Pink also doesn’t realize that everyone is entitled tospend their spare time however they like. And that maybe some people are offended by her use of swearing in her songs. I’m not but I betcha there are some people out there that are. Just like Pink is offended by Prince William’s hunting. Big deal, get over it. He has a right to hunt. That’s why they issue actual licenses for it. From Pop Crunch,

“Singer/animal rights activist Pink has branded Prince William a “redneck” after learning the British royal enjoys fox hunting.

“I wrote to him to protest about fox hunting and I figured he would be this stuffy, privileged asshole,” the pop-rocker tells Q Magazine. “But he’s like a redneck from the south. If you’re brought up shooting and hunting animals, if you really think it’s second nature and you’re blasting away then it’s hard to see the other point of view. You need educating.”

I think Pink should get a little educating herself. In other Pink news, her husband that she’s decided to stay with for a moment has gotten a tattoo of his wife on his leg. And while the tattoo is ugly and dark, I think it looks a lot better than Pink does in real life. I wonder what Carey Hart is going to do once she ditches him again and he’s stuck with that ugly thing on his leg. To the right is a pic of the tattoo and thanks to Bump Shack for it.

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