Orlando and Miranda Are Engaged. Do We Care?

There was a big celebfest out in Morocco lately and Orlando Bloom was one of the stars in attendance. So was Jennifer Aniston, who was said to be at the event as Orlando’s date. Thinking that was a weird combination and that Jen was once again dipping her pen into the Fountain of Youth, I […]

Carey Hart Gets Tattoo of Trash-Talking Wife

This is why I hate Pink. She’s this take no guff kind of girl who’s super tough and will stand up to you just for looking at her the wrong way. And while I admire a girl that stands up for herself and isn’t afraid to speak her mind, I think that Pink sometimes goes […]

The Latest on Tiger

This weekend was a big weekend for Tiger Woods. Of course I think any day will be a big day for Tiger until he can manage to somehow live down the shame of disgracing hisentire family. But this weekend began with Tiger’s announcement that he’s taking a leave from golf. This is supposedly so that […]