Cutie Watch: Reese and Deacon

We see lots of pictures of Reese Witherspoon, but it’s a rare opportunity when we see her with her son, Deacon. She seems to do a pretty good job of keeping the paparazzi at bay. But on this particular day, the paps were lucky enough to catch Reese, who is in a jolly good mood, walking hand in hand with her son Deacon. According to Gossip Center, this particular jaunt comes after Reese was away in London for awhile. And it was in London that Reese thought she had broken her foot. Apparently not as we see no cast in these pictures. But she did injure her foot the same way I always injure myself – in the goofiest of ways. From Gossip Center,

“The mother/son outing comes after Reese returned home from a trip to London, during which time she happened to injure her foot.

She told press, “I think I broke my foot. I’m not sure, I haven’t had a scan yet. I was taking a nap yesterday because I was real tired, I had jet lag. You know when your foot falls asleep… Then I stood up. Someone called me on the phone and I went to answer the phone, and I said,‘Oh I tripped over my shoe or something!’ I looked down and it was my foot I had tripped over! And I hadn’t had a thing to drink! I was stone sober! Then it swelled up and now it’s all black and blue.”

Good thing that she clears it up for us that she hadn’t had a drop to drink. I really don’t think anyone would have assumed that she was drunk when it happened. Reese just doesn’t seem like the huge lush type. But, I’m glad she’s okay and hopefully now that she’s back in town, we’ll get some more cutie watches with her and Deacon. They’re just tooo cute!

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