Amy and Blake Will Remarry in the New Year

What is Amy Winehouse thinking?! I know true love is blind but has she lost all of her senses? First she leaves Blake Fielder-Civil so that she can get away from the drug lifestyle, then she cheats on him in St. Lucia for many, many, many months, divorces him finally, and thengets back together with him! Meanwhile, she’s had a botched boob job and is supposedly off drugs. Which isn’t going to last for too long should she choose to stay with Blake. And that’s just what she’s going to do as rumors now have it that she is actually planning to remarry the druggie!

Yes, apparently Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil are set to remarry sometime in February after they spend some quality time reconnecting. Why do they need to reconnect? Oh well besides their divorce and slinging ugly insults back and forth, Blake is still in rehab. I always say, you can’t know that someone has kicked drugs until they’ve been out of rehab for at least a year. My guess is that even if Blake is “clean” now, that will soon change once he leaves rehab. And if Amy’s with him at the time, she’ll soon be sticking needles into herarms and shoving stuff up her nose in no time flat. I’m sure Amy’s mother, who has been very public about her feelings towards Blake, thinks the exact same thing. But, Blake’s mom, who is now coming out and talking about the reunion between Blake and his ex, is ecstatic about it and seems to be pretty certain that Blake is now drug-free. From Digital Spy,

“Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil are reportedly planning to remarry in the New Year and want to start a family.

Fielder-Civil’s mum Georgette said that the couple talk to each other for hours every day over the internet while her son completes rehab in Sheffield.

According to The Sunday Mirror, the pair will remarry in February just months after their high-profile divorce.

Georgette said: “Their love is so powerful ­nothing will stop them from ­being together whatever anyone else thinks. They’ve battled their demons and are absolutely off drugs.

“As soon as Blake finishes his term in rehab he’ll be straight back with Amy in London. They’ll lock the doors and won’t answer the phones. But I know it won’t be long before I get a call from Blake saying, ‘Mum, I’m at the airport and we’re flying off to get married’.”

Last month, Winehouse’s goddaughter Dionne Bromfield said that Winehouse was happy without Fielder-Civil and that a remarriage was unlikely.”

Blake has always seemed to be a little puppy dog when it comes to Amy and that makes me think that maybe this is all a bad backflash on Blake’s part. I really hope so anyway. I don’t really care if these two only want to get high and be in a coma together in the corner. But I’m just so sick of hearing about all the drama going on between these two and having to see both of their sickly bodies walking side by side as they hold hands and laugh and try to be cute. When they’re so not.

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