Who Is Lindsay Dating?

It seems that every newspaper, magazine, tabloid, and blog in the land needs to pair Lindsay Lohan with someone, anyone these days. The reports of who Lindsay is dating range from cute to just plain weird. And most of them, probably just plain untrue. Here are three of the most current rumors and we’ll see if you can guess correctly at who Lindsay’s dating. (Cause I sure don’t have a clue!)

The first comes from Gossip Center, who claim that Lilo is dating Kevin Connolly, who plays Eric Murphy on the HBO show Entourage. According to this rumor, it’s nothing serious as of yet but the two have been seeing each other for a few weeks now. From Gossip Center,

“The “I Know Who Killed Me” actress has been linked to “Entourage” stud Kevin Connolly as of late after hooking up at an after-hours party thrown by Leonardo DiCaprio last month.
An inside source told InTouch, “Lindsay and Kevin have been sneaking around. It’s not serious yet, but they seem tohave some sort of physical connection.”

Another gal pal revealed, “Lindsay isn’t sure what’s going to happen, so for now she wants to keep things quiet.”

I would love to see Lilo hook up with Kevin Connolly. That’s mostly because I think Connolly is super cute and he keeps things pretty low-pro most of the time so dating someone as high-pro and dramatic as Lindsay Lohan, we’d be sure to see much more of him.

And that brings us to the other high-pro, super high-drama, and super high-maintenance celebrity that Lindsay has also been linked with recently – John Mayer. Whenever I hear of anyone hooking up with John Mayer I want to wretch. Partly because it does mean we’ll have to hear more about him but mostly because I can’t believe anyone would be so stupid as to get mixed up withhim. And I don’t even think he’s good looking! This one comes from Gossip Rocks,

“Lindsay Lohan has sparked rumours she is romancing John Mayer.
The troubled actress appears to be moving on from her on/off girlfriend Samantha Ronson after she was seen flirting with the musician on Monday night.

Lohan and renowned womaniser Mayer partied at a private table at New York nightclub Butter, where they danced until 3am.

“She would follow his every move,” a source told E! News. “He would dance with the waitresses and then come back. She was way into it.”

Mayer was downing shots of Belvedere vodka, but Lohan – who has battled addictions to alcohol and drugs – stayed sober.

It is not known if the pair left the club together, but Lohan sent an online message to Mayer the following morning.

The 23-year-old Hollywood star wrote on Mayer’s Twitter account: “shhhhhhhhhhhhhh butter-face (sic)”

That whole thing is just sort of gross. But we move away from the Mayer rumors and on to the most unbelievable. This scandalicious rumor has Lindsay Lohan making out in a nightclub with Cash Warren. That’s right, the same Cash Warren that is Jessica Alba’s husband. I am really not putting too much stock in this story. I mean really, nothingLindsay could do would surprise me I don’t think but, I can’t see Cash stepping out on his wife and little baby girl like that. It sounds like Bump Shack, which ran the story, isn’t buying it either.

“After Tiger Woods’ multiple affairs story, nothing should really surprise us anymore. Actress Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba’s husband Cash Warren have been caught making out at the Hollywood Club Villa last month (November 19), according to US Weekly.

A source claims Lindsay and Cash were so into each other that they just started French kissing right in front of their friends. ‘”It was raw. They were not shy,” said the so-called “source.” It’s kind of hard to believe Cash would do something like that in public with such a troubled star like Lindsay. The timing of the story is also a bit odd and unless they actually come up with some photographic evidence we are not buying it!”

Yeah, with everyone having a cell phone these days, and all cell phones having a camera built into them, I’m sure no one could have snapped one pic of the two making out. I agree with Bump Shack, I’m gonna need hard evidence on this one.

So, do you think you know who Lindsay’s dating? Is there someone in this mix that you would prefer? I’m voting for Kevin Connolly and to me, he sounds the most believable too. Although it wouldn’t surprise me if Lilo and John Mayer started going together either.

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She should just give up and marry her first love: Red Bull with Cocaine and move into a 3-Some with a skank like Paris Hilton. Of course, that would be hoping for too much, as I don’t think she contains the mind power to do such things, except fail upward like Scotty sticking a V2 Rocket up Megan Fox’s ass and making her hit Warp 1 (Stupid Useless Warp Speed)……

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