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When it comes to celebrity news these days, it’s all aboutTiger Woods. Man oh man, did this boy ever get himself into a pickle! Now a third woman, who’s a cocktail waitress in Vegas, has come forward with voicemail and text messages from Tiger. One voicemail has Tiger asking her to take his number off her phone and change her outgoing voicemail message to just her number, because his wife went through his phone and looked at his phone numbers. Uh uh uh. Deep trouble. But there’s even more.

It seems that Rachel Uchitel, the first woman that was rumored to be having an affair with Tiger, has come out of her temporary amnesia and has suddenly remembered full details of her affair with Tiger, which she originally vehemently denied. Rachel had a press conference scheduled for today, in which it’s said that she wasgoing to release several details of her hot and steamy love affair with Tiger, but now she’s up and cancelled it. Huh. That seems weird. Oh of course though, it’s followed up with another rumor that the press conference was cancelled because Tiger is paying her off to keep mum on the subject. And I have to say, I don’t entirely disbelieve that at this point. From Bump Shack,

“Tiger Woods’ alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel, who had until now denied her “secret” affair with the golfer, has just canceled the scheduled press conference for today (December 3). Gloria Allred, Rachel’s lawyer, was about come clean and confirm the affair rumors but Tiger is ready to pay a good amount of cash to keep her quiet.

According to RadarOnline, Tiger’s people and Rachel’s lawyer are negotiating a $1 million deal to prevent her from going to the press and reveal any of the details of their relationship.

And, suddenly, the press conference was canceled with no explanation. TMZ is reporting that Rachel and Tiger have been in contact and negotiating a deal for her silence even before the crash and that they have last spoken last night.”

Why would you do this? I mean, if she wasn’t initially getting paid off in the beginning, why’d she keep quiet about it? And if it was to spare Tiger humiliation and shame, why would she want to come forward with it now and have to be paid off to keep quiet on the subject? And really, what does all of this mean for Tiger’s marriage? Do you think he and Elin will really get divorced? Or will they be able to work through it and find a way out keeping their marriage intact? So, so hard to say in this case. But as more rumors keep coming out, it sounds as though, at least this affair with Rachel, was very recent and that Elin suspected it long beforewe ever heard anything about it.

Then again, they seem like such a happy family (well maybe not at this exact moment.) But they do sort of have that “we can work our way through anything” sort of air about them. So it’s hard to say. What do you think? Will Tiger and Elin stay together?

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