What’s Up with Nicole and Joel?

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have both been pretty quiet ever since their son Sparrow was born. But it seems, even if they haven’t been leading a very busy public life, life at home has been go-go-go. Not surprising with two children under the age of two. But there areconflicting reports as to whether or not Nicole wants to add on to that busyness, or whether it’s driving her out of her mind.

Pop Crunch is reporting that Nicole Richie is just about losing her mind living in Hollywood and having to dodge the paparazzi and becoming completely isolated. The talk there is that the two are just about up and packed and that they’re heading for New York in the hopes that they can get away from the craziness and lead a more normal lifestyle. I don’t know though. Seeing as how they cited ‘being centrally located for work-related trips to Europe and LA’ as being a good reason for living in New York, it doesn’t sound too normal to me. I’ve seen a lot of pictures of celebrities in New York too so I don’t think, if this is true, that Nicole will get the refuge she’s looking for. But what do I know? From Pop Crunch,

“Are celebutante Nicole Richie and her longtime partner, rocker Joel Madden, bound for the Big Apple?

The exhausted couple are reportedly planning to move to the entertainment mecca of the East Coast after Nicole recently fell violently ill with pneumonia, celebrity snoops reveal in the Dec. 7 edition of The National Enquirer.

According to the spy, the pressures of dodging the paparazzi — two of whom were recently cited for ramming the socialite’s car — and caring for infant son Sparrow and daughter Harlow, 22 month, is weighing heavily on Nicole.

“Nicole’s been stressed and worn out since giving birth to Sparrow in September,” an informant divulged. “She was overwhelmed, and a phone call, Nicole screamed at Joel, ‘I can’t take this anymore — get me out of Hollywood!’ Nicole wants to escape Hollywood and raise their kids in New York.”

Insiders close to the couple say Joel and Nicole have decided that their young family could benefit from a change of pace and currently looking at properties in trendy Manhattan and family-friendly Brooklyn. Inaddition, the move will put the couple closer to Joel’s family in Maryland and centrally-located for work-related treks to Los Angeles and Europe.

“Nicole realizes that both she and her family need a change of pace, schedule, and scenery. She feels ditching crazy Hollywood for New York is best for everyone.”

The other story floating around about Joel and Nicole is that they are planning on doing their own reality TV show. From what I can tell, it’s going to be a combination of Newlyweds and Oprah. Apparently, the show is going to be filmed from their house and Nicole will sit down with her celebrity friends that continually drop by, and she’ll interview them. Weird, right? I thought so. From Star,

“Is Nicole Richie going back to the farm? Not quite, but the star, who first became a household name after “working” on an Arkansas dairy farm with pal Paris Hilton on The Simple Life, is returning to TV.

The mother of two is in talks to star with her husband, Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden, in a new reality series. According to a friend, the concept is an at-home talk show where Nicole’s famous friends pop in to be interviewed by the couple.

“Nicole turns down a lot of roles because she doesn’t want to leave her children, Harlow and Sparrow,” the friend explains. “This would be an option because she could work from home.”

So, do you think Nicole is going to start her own reality TV show? And will it be in New York or in LA? Hard to say. I don’t care much though. I don’t care where it is. It’s the stupidest premise for a show that I’ve ever heard of and you couldn’t pay me enough to watch Nicole Richie gush with her famous friends. BLECH!

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