Things Get Ugly Between Tiger and His Wife

Well it seems the whole news of this affair isn’t something silly that Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin Nordegren, are blowing off. We have all heard by now of the big car accident that Tiger got into that was said to have caused the scratches on his face. Turns out, the car accident was the least of his problems and the scratches on his face were actually caused by his wife. Yes, minutes before Tiger drove his SUV into a tree, his wife had chased him out of the driveway, screaming and swinging a golf club around all the while. So apparently, there is something to those rumors after all.

Elin was obviously embarrassed over her actions (or worried that they could land her in legal hot water) because her story was that she came out of the house, saw the accident, and then went back in to get the golf club so she could help Tiger. Yeah, a likely story. TMZ is all over this Tiger Woods story and here’s this bit,

“Tiger Woods’ wife, Elin Nordegren, changed the story she told the first officer on the scene, according to law enforcement sources.

The Windemere Police Department says Tiger’s wife went outside, saw that her husband had struck a fire hydrant and a tree, and then went back inside the house for a golf club to use to try and extricate him from the vehicle. But we’ve learned Nordegren told a very different story to the Florida Highway Patrol, and it does not involve going back in the house for a club. Our sources will not allow us to be more specific.

And we’ve learned there was no blood found on the steering wheel of Tiger’s SUV — putting into serious doubt that Tiger sustained his injuries from the crash.

As we first reported, Tiger had a conversation with a friend yesterday, in which he said his wife had confronted him over reports he was involved with another woman … and that his wife scratched his face up during the argument. Tiger told the friend he then left the house, started driving off and his wife then came out with a golf club, striking the vehicle. Tiger then became distracted and hit the hydrant and then a nearby tree.

We’re told cops will interview Tiger and his wife later today.

UPDATE: A neighbor tells TMZ they saw cops show up at Tiger’s house this morning — only to get turned away again. Tiger’s wife, Elin, was spotted (below) driving out of the Isleworth subdivision in Windermere earlier today.”

Oh be careful, those in Isleworth! That is a very, very scorned woman behind the wheel! I don’t think she should be embarrassed. It’s actually the least she can do after her husband publicly humiliated her like that. And it’s nice to see that sometimes even those living under the microscope have human reactions sometimes. I get so sick of the “we’re dealing with this privately” and “could not be reachedfor comment.” I realize it’s necessary much of the time but every so often, it’s nice to see something that’s just so genuinely real. And the fact that she made Tiger drive himself smack into a tree is a nice touch too.

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