Gerard Butler Has Daddy Issues

I like Gerard Butler less and less. I’m not much of one for womanizers to begin with, and I see absolutely no appeal to Gerard so, it makes even less sense to me. Being linked with names like Jennifer Aniston, Cheryl Burke, and Cameron Diaz, it’s widely known that Gerard Butler truly does like to explore his options. And then while filming Law Abiding Citizen, apparently he couldn’t get along with Jamie Foxx, because Foxx kept sneaking away to Vegas. I guess Gerard was upset that Jamie would get to those women before he could. But just about everything I’ve heard about Gerard Butler has put him in a dim light. Now it seems, there’s a reason behind his actions, or at least all of the field-playing. And Gerard tells us, it’s because his dad left him at a very young age.

Apparently, Gerard’s dad left him when Gerard was just two and having grown up without a father, he’s now a commitment-phobe. Oh, give me a break. I’m so sick and tired of men (and women too) blaming everything on how they were raised and that’s why they have so many issues. Grow up and own what ya got, people. We’re all adults now. From Digital Spy,

Gerard Butler has reportedly admitted that he has commitment problems.

The Law Abiding Citizen star, who recently said that rumours about his love life are harming his reputation, has insisted that his issues with women stem from his father not being around.

The 40-year-old told Joy magazine: “I act very awkward when I am with women. Perhaps that’s because my mother brought me up alone. My father gambled away all our money and eventually went bankrupt.

“So one night our family had to flee head-over-heels to Canada. At that time, my mother was five months pregnant with me. Shortly after my second birthday, my father let us down. It is said that men who grow up without a father have a fear of commitment.”

Butler also revealed that he needs to find the right woman first to start a family, saying: “It’s about time. But a woman by my side would be very helpful in this project.”

I also love how he’s looking for a woman, not because he wants to share that kind of love with someone, or because he knows there’s someone out there just for him, but because he needs a baby-machine. And the reason why he needs a baby-machine? Well, because it’s about time. Another really great reason to have a child. And an even better reason to find someone to have that child for you.

Seriously, is this guy for real? Can anyone really be that bad at interviews? And why women all over the world going gaga over Gerard Butler? Well, it beats me. But I never got that whole Russell Crowe thing either.

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#1 Me on 08.10.11 at 8:32 am

Written by someone who apparently had a perfect childhood. Guess what? Crap that happens to you when you’re young shapes the person you become when you get older.

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