Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood Both New at Relationships

So maybe the secret to a high-profile relationship is it stemming from two people who are verylow-profile in their past dating relationships? So seems to be the case with Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood, who have been very public about their relationship lately. Carrie has been showing up more and more often at Senators games and she also included a line on her new album, Play On to him, telling him outright that she loved him. Mike in response seems to be going with blushing and indirectly telling us that he feels exactly the same way about her. These two are just so cute it kills me!

And even though they do seem to love each other very much, neither of them are seriously thinking about marriage or moving in together at this point. Mike has both denied it and Carrie has made it very clear that her old fashioned values go farther than just into her songs. So even though I think we will see these two get married someday, it won’t be any day soon. From US,

“He’s a star hockey player for the Ottawa Senators today, but Mike Fisher might be turning over a new leaf: recording artist!

After his girlfriend Carrie Underwood wrote “I love you” to him in her new album’s liner notes, the 29 year-old athlete jokes, “I told her that when my CD came out, I’d return the favor.”

In an interview with the Toronto Sun, Fisher poo-poos marriage talk but admits that Underwood, 26, is only his second “serious girlfriend.”

“There has been only one other girlfriend, really,” he says. “It lasted a while, but it was a long time ago.”

Similarly, Underwood recently told Ellen DeGeneres that her one-year relationship with Fisher is “the longest relationship I’ve had.”

In the Play On liner notes, Underwood coos of Fisher. “You make my life better in every way! I thank God for you every day.”

“Obviously, it was very nice,” Fisher tells the Toronto Sun of the tribute. “I was happy she included me in something like that.”

Stressing their need for privacy, Fisher acknowledges, “we’re both happy with the way things are . . . I’m obviously happy . . .things are great off the ice.”

Last week on Ellen, Underwood stressed that they have no plans to move in together. “Call me old fashioned,” she said. “The next guy I move in with will be my hubby. Who ever that is. I’m not saying it’s going to be him.”

Sigh. These two make my heart pitter patter.

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