What Did You Think of Adam Lambert’s AMAs Performance?

So one of the many big scandals that came out of last night’s American Music Awards ceremony was Adam Lambert’s performance. I was expecting something from Adam that I would find completely grotesque but that’s just because it’s Adam Lambert and in general, I find him completely grotesque. But the big deal ended up being that during his performance, he made out briefly with his keyboardist, who happens to be a man. Now, when I first read that Adam Lambert ‘wasn’t apologizing for his same-sex kiss’, I actually thought “Good for him!” I mean, I hate him but everyone has rights. Then I watched the clip from the show and thought, “Oh my God! He should apologize!”

Adam Lambert reportedly makes no apologies for sharing a same-sex kiss onstage because it’s entertainment and it was a sexy song and women have been doing this for ages. And really, he’s completely right. Madonna and Britney popped into my head before I read on to see that he actually mentions them by name when talking about the double standard. I hated that kiss these two women shared at the Video Music Awards a couple of years ago. And I hated it for the same reason – it has nothing to do with music, nothing to do with the performance. It’s all about shocking just for the sake of shocking. And not in the good Eminem-kind-of-way. But again, then I saw the video and think that Adam Lambert’s performance is even grosser.

For one, it’s Adam Lambert and he just tries to be so over-the-top that it makes me ill watching him perform. But mostly, the whole entire performance was a giant sex show. Adam trounced around the stage, not showing that he had any talent other than groping various men and women while he bopped along to the music. His pitiful attempt at dancing was completely lost on me. And the kiss? It comes closer to the end and really, was the least offensive part of the performance to me. All of this while he shrieks into a microphone and tries to look all mysterious and whatnot. Give me a break. But enough of my own Adam hate. Watch the video , thanks to YouTube and let us know what you think!

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