Ryan Seacrest Does Not Know How to Make Friends

It’s just been a week of awkward interviews! First Carrie Prejean had her threat of “I’m leaving your show!” on Larry King Live! last Wednesday (after which she did not in fact, walk out) and yesterday, Ryan Seacrest interviewed Robert Pattinson on his radio show and Pattinson had to walk out. Mind you, Robert was of course, much more graceful and charming about it than Carrie was. And, to be really fair to Rob, it wasn’t actually his decision to walk out. I think he was actually relieved to sit down for a minute away from the screaming and hair-yanking fans and I think he would have stayed if his manager wasn’t standing there shooing him out the door. And, as soon as his manager (or whoever she was), got upset and started saying it was time to go, Rob still tried to act like the dignified gentleman that he is. So, what was all the hubbub about? What do you think? Yes, one miss Kristen Stewart.

TMZ has all the relevant footage , and to be honest, from the moment she and Rob step through the door, she seems kinda bitchy and rushed like she wants to leave. Apparently, Ryan Seacrest was told that there were to be no questions regarding Rob and Kristen but good old stupid Ryan just plunged on ahead. Remember when he was asking stupid questions to Angelina Jolie on the red carpet at the Oscars in February? The guy is just a tool. But even after being asked what the deal is between he and Kristen, Rob still leaves the interview with grace. He says simply, “I’d tell them to watch New Moon! It’s amazing!” Then he shakes Ryan’s hand and is off.

Be sure to check out the video on TMZ to see just how ridiculous both Ryan and Rob’s whoever-she-is behave. And, if you are so sick of Twilight that you can’t stand it, I suggest you go back to bed and bury your head under the covers for the next two months. Because the world has gone crazy with it and there’s no escaping it now!

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