Even I Can Tell You This Rumor is NOT True!

Maybe it’s because it comes from the National Enquirer, or maybe it’s because this allegations are just so outrageous, but these latest Jon Gosselin rumors just seem a wee bit far-fetched. According to the Enquirer, Jon has taken his partying ways to a whole new level beyond those ridiculous t-shirts he is prone to wearing. Apparently,there’s a new sex tape on the market thanks to Jon, and more than that, he’s a cokehead too! Now I’m all for tearing Jon Gosselin apart but this seems like someone taking advantage someone’s horrible personality for personal gain.From National Enquirer,

“New bombshell allegations that may cost Jon Gosselin his legal war with TLC AND custody of his beloved children as well!

Jon Gosselin’s day in court could end with him losing his children – due to a sex tape scandal and allegations of cocaine use!

Jon’s bodyguard Thomas Meinelt has been subpoenaed to testify in TLC’s lawsuit against Jon, and The ENQUIRER has learned Meinelt claims he saw Jon snort cocaine many times, and that he’s watched Jon’s secret sex tape!

“Tom told me that Jon was secretly videotaped having sex with a woman in Los Angeles in October, and he’s seen the tape!” said Stephanie Santoro, Jon’s former flame and family nanny.

“Tom said people close to Jon put a camera in his hotel room, and paid a girl to flirt with Jon and have sex with him.

“He also told me that he saw Jon snort cocaine on more than one occasion, and that the more Jon got into partying, the more cocaine he used!”

So really, even if there is a sex tape out there with Jon Gosselin’s name on it, it sounds like he didn’t even know about it! And even though he’s a complete douche bag, we really can’t blame him for having sex, can we? I mean, sure there’s all the moral stuff such as his divorce isn’t finalized, this is cheap and tacky, blah blah blah. But it doesn’t sound like he broke any laws. Now, his friends who paid this girl to have sex, that’s another story. And the coke thing? I don’t know. I’m not saying it’s entirely impossible but I do find it hard to believe. I have no doubt that he has smoked his fair share of pot and possibly done some other drugs but being a complete and total cokehead? I just can’t see it. Then again, it sure would explain all that odd behavior, wouldn’t it?

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