Were Lindsay and Heath Dating when He Died?

I can’t believe that Michael Lohan would stoop so low. Okay, I can. No I can’t. I can’t believe that anyone would drag someone who has passed away into one of many family fights. By now we all know that Michael Lohan is being his usual douche bag self and selling any taped conversations that he and his daughter, Lindsay Lohan, had to everyone and anyone who will take them. This is bad enough. Really, who the hell tapes conversations that they have with their kid? But he’s taken it to a whole new level now by dragging Heath Ledger into it. Does he have no idea what the word ‘respect’ means?! Okay, forget I said that.

Radar Online now has a taped conversation in which Dina Lohan, Lindsay’s mom tells Michael that Lilo was dating Heath Ledger when he died, even though that relationship was secret. And according to the tapes, Lindsay was pretty messed up when he died. Well, yeah. Hell, I was pretty messed up when Heath Ledger passed away! I think everyone was! The point is, I don’t understand why this matters, or how Michael Lohan thinks that leaking the tapes is going to help his daughter. Mind you, Radar Online hasn’t stated whether Michael gave them the tapes or not but, come on. I think we all know how those tapes fell onto the Radar website. From US,

“At the time of his untimely death in January 2008, actor Heath Ledger was romantically involved — in secret — with Lindsay Lohan. So says her mother, Dina, in an undated, recorded phone conversation with Michael Lohan, her ex-husband and Lindsay’s father.
In a newly revealed recording at Radar, Dina tells Michael that their eldest daughter “was dating Heath when he died . . . I don’t know if you know that, but I know cause I would drop her off and they were friends, very, very close.”

And Ledger’s death devastated the actress, now 23. “That f***ed her up,” her mother says.

Ledger died at age 28 on January 22, 2008 from an accidental, toxic combination of prescription drugs; he had recently separated from girlfriend, actress Michelle Williams, mother of their daughter Matilda, now 4.
Understandably, the presence of the self-destructive Brokeback Mountain actor made Dina Lohan nervous for her own child’s fate.

“When she’s drunk or takes an Adderall with it she will do something like Heath Ledger did in a second without thinking,” she tells her ex-husband on the tape.

She also expresses concerns about Lindsay’s then-relationship with Samantha Ronson, and wonders if her daughter has the wherewithal to walk away. “It’s very easy for a rational person to say. But for an irrational person who has a problem with her DNA and alcohol and Adderall and asthma and every other things she’s got wrong with her.”
For her part, Lindsay Lohan has recently criticized her father for leaking other tapes of private phone conversations. “He’s disgusting to do this,” she wrote on Twitter. “Itreally hurts my mom for me and my siblings.”

(Radar has not confirmed whether Michael Lohan provided this newest recording.)”

My question is this – why does this matter? I would certainly be able to see Lindsay dating Heath. They both liked to party, they both liked to hang around the same people (the fellow partiers of Hollywood), and they were both actors, both around the same age. But I really fail to see how bringing this to light now is going to help Michael reunite with his daughter, or what it even matters. I’m sure that Lindsay was incredibly messed up over Heath’s death, whether they were dating or not. She’s just a messed up kind of girl. But she is right about one thing. Her dad is disgusting to do this.

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