Is Kate Really Accusing Jon of Yelling at Her?

I have now reached the point where I no longer care what happens between Jon and Kate Gosselin. Let them sue each other, fight with each other, and accuse each other all they want. I am done caring and I think the world is starting to lean that way too. But every once in awhile, one of these two idiots says something so shocking to me that I can’t help but write about it.

This time, Kate gets upset when she recalls a time that Jon told her to take a stick out of her butt. Apparently, this was completely uncalled for on the part of Jon and Kate is outraged. Seriously? Look back to justone episode of Jon & Kate: Plus Eight and you’ll undoubtedly see Kate yelling at Jon, calling him stupid, telling him that he’s a child, or demanding that he listen to her. I just watched the Fourth of July rerun the other day when they take all their spawns to the parade. In this particular episode, Kate wants the kids to bring coats and when Jon tells her that he’s already packed them into the van, she says, “Let me see them. I don’t trust your judgement.” For cryin out loud! They’re coats! And it’s July! Mind you it did still end up being very cold that day but the coats that Jon had for them ended up being just fine. Go figure. And now Kate is crying because Jon told her to take the stick out of her butt! Puh-leaze! From Gossip Center,

“Mondaynight, Kate Gosselin recounted viewers’ favorite moments of TLC’s Jon and Kate Plus 8, and it wasn’t easy for the mom to look back onto the past.

On one episode, Jon gets angry at Kate because she criticized him as they tried to dress the children for outdoor activities.

“When are you going to pull the stick out?” he asked Kate.

Looking back at that episode, Kate says it was wrong of him to use that phrase, but sighed, “Perhaps [that] was a sign of things to come.”

While the show went on she also apologized for being mean to him as well. The show aired the couple’s biggest “blow up” moment, when Kate is screaming at Jon as they shopped for Christmas presents at Toys R Us.

Looking back, “He just annoyed me. He was playing with toys,” she said.

But she was sorry for yelling at him at such a loud tone, especially because it was caught on cameras. “Yeah, that was a wakeup call for me. Not so good to do that in public.”

Not so good to do that in public?! Not sogood to do that ever, I would say. Jon hasn’t said much since the separation that I agree with but I do agree that he acted like a child because Kate treated him like one. He was never her equal, and he was never an equal parent. He was the one that was supposed to listen to Kate, be her little bitch, and do what he was told. I kinda don’t blame him for getting out. Now, all the other BS that followed, that’s another story. Get over it Kate. You deserved it when Jon said it and I happen to agree. You should take the stick out.

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