Eddie Cibrian Denying and Playing the Same Old Tricks

I have a feeling that the phrase “once a cheater, always a cheater” is going to stick around Eddie Cibrian for the rest of his life. After he was caught in a hot love affair with LeAnn Rimes last summer that ended both of their marriages, the two were seen out shortly after that playing golf and looking as though they had made the right decisions, no matter who they hurt. But then Life & Style claimed that Eddie had already started cheating on LeAnn. Well, it’s not really all that far-fetched is it? No, it’s not. But apparently, that doesn’t make it true and Eddie is pissed that the story was ever run. So pissed, in fact, that he’s now suing the magazine for printing such falsehoods. From Pop Crunch,

“Eddie Cibrian is filing suit against Life & Style Magazine following the tabloid’s claim that the actor is cheating on former mistress LeAnn Rimes. A rep for the CSI: Miami star tells Extra that Cibrian’s legal team is dragging L&S to court over a scandalous report in their Nov. 16 issue, which alleges that Eddie has been secretly sleeping with an ex behind LeAnn’s back.
“Unfortunately Life & Style Magazine has chosen to go out with a story filled with inaccuracies and deceitful lies, presumably to titillatesales, but clearly resulting in harm to Eddie Cibrian and others. This is irresponsible and wreckless journalism,” Cibrian’s rep said in a statement Friday. “Eddie has met with his attorneys and will be filing a suit for libel and other actionable grounds shortly. It’s a shame that Life & Style resorted to a story of this nature and they will regretfully now have to face scrutiny of untruthful reporting in a court proceeding.”

Meanwhile according to People, shortly after the story ran, Eddie and LeAnn showed up at a Las Vegas nightspot to display their love of tequila and each other. They stayed for twenty minutes, took some swigs, made out, and then left. From People,

“Problems? What problems?

Following a report earlier this week that Eddie Cibrian had been spending time with another woman – an allegation Cibrian has strenuously denied – the CSI: Miami hunk and his girlfriend, LeAnn Rimes, showed up at a nightclub Friday night after Rimes’s concert in Las Vegas for a little fun, relaxation – and pole dancing.

Observers spotted the carefree-seeming couple in the VIP section of XS nightclub, where they talked, laughed and knocked back tequila drinks. Though they stayed at the venue inside the Encore Resort for only 20 minutes, there was time enough for a PDA.

“They were making out at the table and didn’t really care who saw them,” a source says. Rimes, 27, wearing an off-the-shoulder black dress, even danced on one of the club’s stripper poles before leaving just after midnight, the source said.

Cibrian, 36, filed for divorce last August from his wife, Brandi Glanville, with whom he has two sons. Fans will recall that after murmurs of trouble in their marriage, the pair were caught by the cameras last spring as they stepped out for a night of togetherness – at a Las Vegas night club.”

The fact that both LeAnn and Eddie made moves like this just after the story of their own affair broke makes me think that this is a show purely for our benefit. It’s amazing that stars will stick their tongues in each other’s mouths to prove a point. And the fact that they only stayed for twenty minutes also seems to tell me that this was purely a farce to put an end to rumors. But, then the fact that Eddie is going to court over this ‘false’ story, also has me thinking that it might really be true. Would Eddie go to such extents if the story really were true? Not only would the truth most likely come out in court, but doesn’t it seem like a huge hassle to have to go through the court rigamarole and legal fees, all out of spite?

So is this story that LeAnn and Eddie are happy happy really true? Or has hot-headed Eddie really just gotten caught up in the heat of the moment – again?

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