My Own Public Apology to Rihanna

Tonight we’ll get more details about the night that Chris Brown beat Rihanna on ABC’s 20/20. More than the beating, which actually makes me vomit to hear about, it seems that in tonight’s section of the interview, she says all the things that I’ve been hoping to hear from Rihanna this whole entire time. She speaks about how she did hate Chris after that night and most importantly, how it was a mistake to go back to him after he beat her but that she was blinded by love. I think the fact that admits it was a mistake is the part of the interview that I love the best.

But she also talks about how it was important to speak out at this time because her new album is coming out. While this may scream “Promo!” to some, her reasoning for it is bang-on I think. She is giving the fans an explanation to the night, letting them inside it, and then asking them to move on, just as she has. I think it’s fair to the fans and I think they all should be able to move on at this point. From US,

“Chris Brown was “blank” and “blacked out,” the night he brutally beat ex-girlfriend Rihanna, she recounts to Diane Sawyer in a new interview.

“It wasn’t the same person that says I love you. It was not those … eyes,” the singer, 21, says. “He had no soul in his eyes. Just blank… He was clearly blacked out. There was no person when I looked at him.”

Rihanna says Brown, 20, put her in a headlock twice and bit her on the ear and fingers on Feb. 8, the night before the Grammys, in L.A. Brown was sentenced to five years of probation, six months of community service and one year of domestic violence counseling for his actions.

Despite Brown’s public apology to his ex-girlfriend — via an Internet video — last July, Rihanna tells Sawyer she never really forgave him.

“I just said to him, ‘I can’t do this.’ I resented him,” she says. “I always put the tough face on and try to, I can do anything face, and just try to play it off. But he knew.”

She admits that she lied to him after the February incident, claiming she didn’t hate him. “He kept asking me, ‘You hate me, don’t you?'” Rihanna says. “And I would lie and I would say, ‘No, no.’ And… I did hate him. Everything about him annoyed me.”

Of the pair’s brief reunion in Miami nearly three weeks after the attack, the singer says she was blinded by love — and admits she made a mistake.

“I went through a host of emotions,” she tells Sawyer. “It was confusing for me. I was still attached by love. But I wasn’t thinking about the reality of the situation.”

Why speak out publicly now, two weeks before the Nov. 23 release of her third album, Rated R?

“I knew I had to do this in order to move on for me and in order for my fans to move on with me because it would always be a question in their mind,” Rihanna tells ABC. “I don’t want that five years from now every time they see Rihanna, they think of Chris Brown beating me. That’s not who I am. It’s just one thing that happened to me.”

So here it is, my own public apology to Rihanna. I’m sorry that I said she wasn’t a role model for young women because clearly, something has changed. She has come out of this now exactly the way I was hoping and now I hope that everyone including Rihanna and her fans, will be able to get past it. But not Chris Brown. Because he needs to rot in hell.

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