Rob are Kristen are NOT Dating!!

I have to say, if this latest rumor-busting episode by Robert Pattinson is true, then he and Kristen Stewart really had me going. Rob, along with the rest of the cast of New Moon, is doing crazy promotion right now and he appears on the cover, along with a lengthy interview, story, and more photos, inside . Inside, Rob wastes no time spilling the guts on him and Kristen, who have seemed to be very hot and heavy in the media. But apparently, there’s no a whole lot else there than what we see on screen. Which, mind you, is quite a bit of chemistry, actually…But if Rob’s protests aren’t enough for you, there’s always Kristen’s. She wants to make it very, very clear that she and Rob are nothing more than friends and if you think any different, you’re a retard. Apparently. From US,

“Once and for all, Robert Pattinson would like enquiring minds to know that he and Kristen Stewart are platonic. For real.

In a new cover story, the Twilight actor insists to Vanity Fair that he and his onscreen paramour are simply “good friends,” and that he considers her “the best young actress around.”

Stewart is even more emphatic, telling the magazine, “It’s so retarded . . . We’re characters in this comic book.”

And the naturally shy Pattinson, who was a virtual unknown before Twilight debuted a year ago, finds all the attention excruciating. “I’m trying not to drown,” he tells VF writer Evgenia Peretz, who observes that his San Diego hotel room is strewn with “beer bottles, old scrambled eggs, a half-eaten Twix bar, and a dirty pair of jeans.”

“I guess I’m not the type of guy cut out to do a franchise,” the 23 year-old actor says, noting his aversion to crowds and his particular fear of paparazzi snapping him with his “a** crack showing.” He scoffs at suggestions that he’s anything to look at, too, calling himself “a cartoon character.”

Yet Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke clarifies that her new star wasn’t shy during the filmmaking process. At night, she recalls the young actor as “always drunk” and frequently regaling castmates with his guitar-playing.”

I really do feel the love for Kristen Stewart but she really doesn’t help herself out with all those haters, does she? Saying that something is retarded because people love your characters so much? Yep, it’s called fame sweetheart. And I personally think she’s good at what she does so, she’s gonna have to deal with it for a little while longer. And Rob? Well, who doesn’t love Rob Pattinson?

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