Is This Weird?

Patrick Swayze’s widow, Lisa Niemi was on Oprah today to talk about the passing of her husband. Now, I really really hate to tramp on anything that a grieving person says but, seeing as how the actor has only been gone for a little over a month, and in combination with some of the things that Lisa said, I’m starting to think that maybe it was just too soon for her to start talking about Patrick’s death. She likened his death to those of the animals that her and Patrick had lost on their ranch…or rather, seemed surprised that it wasn’t like that at all and talked about how she didn’t “feel” him leave. Seriously, did she want to? That sounds really super creepy to me. Like I said, I really do feel for this woman. I myself was deeply saddened by the loss of Patrick Swayze and I only had a relationship with him through my television. I just think that maybe she might have wanted to take some more time before she came onto Daytime to talk about it. From National Enquirer,

“Patrick Swayze widow Lisa Niemi is still grieving the loss of her husband on Sept. 14, but she’s ready to talk about his passing.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey airing Friday, Niemi explains that watching her husband’s last moments was different than the experiences she’s had with losing animals on their ranch.

“I felt them leave their bodies and it’s always been a light and free feeling because they were out of pain,” she said of the animals. “I was wondering if I would feel the same thing with Patrick. And I didn’t. I didn’t feel him leave when he actually stopped breathing.”

Now, she says, “I feel him here. I feel like he hasn’t left. I can feel every contour of his hand in mine.”

Niemi says that when Swayze starred in Ghost, she thought she would never want to be contacted from beyond the grave like in the movie. But she’s changed her mind. “Now I’m like, ‘Please show yourself. I would love to see you.'”

I do get that whole ‘show yourself’ thing, even though if any of my passed loved ones came back and actually showed themselves, I’d probably become paralyzed with fear. But I really don’t get the whole comparing your husband’s death to that of Lassie’s. And I know all of you are going to jump down my throat for believing the National Enquirer but, this was on TV and she said it in front of a nation full of people. So, it is true. I do feel very bad for Lisa. I can’t imagine the pain she’s going through. Maybe that’s the reason for the weird remarks.

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