Are Rob and Kristen Dunzo?

I came across this article in Celebitchy, which originally came from OK! Magazine. The article talks about how Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have broken up because Rob wants to get married and Kristen doesn’t. But all you girls that are Rob-struck, don’t get too excited.  I’m in total agreement here with Celebitchy when they say that it’s nothing but a load of crap. This is the only source that seems to have this “hot” piece of information and when a story, especially one as juicy as this, is not corroborated by at least a few sources, I already have my doubts. But the fact that they portray Rob as this desperado who just wants to get hitched also has me screaming “Big, Fat Rumor!”

Add to that the fact that Kristen apparently wants Rob to take roots in Hollywood and that Rob wants to stay in the UK, and it just further seems to me that OK! is just trying to sell a few more copies. Really, even if that were true, these two certainly wouldn’t be the first stars that don’t live on the same continent and have still seemed to make it work. And I know that they are almost done filming Eclipse but, there’s still Breaking Dawn that will need to be filmed so it’s not like their time working together, and residing in the same area, is completely over either. From OK! via Celebitchy,

“With Twilight fever blazing as fans count down the days to the Nov. 20 release of New Moon, there’s one thing that’s cooling down in Twi-world — the romance between the films’ stars, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart!

In the new issue of OK!, those close to the superstar pair reveal what drove them apart and whether or not they still have a future.

According to a friend of the couple, R-Pattz has been getting too serious too quickly for the likes of 19-year-old Kristen.

“Rob was talking marriage,” says the source, who explains that the relationship was also stealing all of Kristen’s attention and keeping her from spending time with her friends and family. “She told him they need to take a break.”

Additionally, with Eclipse wrapping this week, there’s been much tension about the logistics of a transatlantic romance, with Kristen wanting Rob to make the move to L.A. and the UK-based hunk preferring to stay far away from Tinseltown.

For all the exclusive details, including Rob’s plan to rekindle their love, pick up the new issue of OK! — on sale everywhere Thursday.”

So sorry to say it girls, but Rob Pattinson probably still is a very taken young man. I really like him too even though I’m not quite gaga over him. And I have to say, that even after all the Twilight films have wrapped, I hope these two find a way to make it work even though they’re both super young and probably won’t end up married or anything. But what can I say? I like him, I like her, and I like them together!

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#1 Romantic Fool on 10.31.09 at 1:38 pm

He deserves someone as nice and as smart as he is. Kristen is a loser Valley girl stoner punk who has a spotty education and has shown how awkward and crude she is in interviews.
They are friends because he is a kind person and tried to help her. The reporters on set said it was her that behaved like a girl with a crush NOT him. She is 19 and had no real girlfriends until Nikki Reed. None of the cast speaks well of her. WHY? Rob fell for her playing a nice young girl that was sweet and innocent.She is not that in reality. Rob knows that she is trouble and a bossy girl.

#2 Rosebuds on 11.11.09 at 6:18 pm

Romanticfool is totaly right. I hate her to.

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