Unfortunately, JT and JB are Still Together

Remember when there were massive rumors going around that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel had split up? And remember when shortly after, no one could get a photo of the two together to save their life? And then do you remember when we all jumped and down clapping our hands in glee? Well, remain in your seats, folks cuz those rumors just weren’t true. The two were recently seen out together in Vancouver and they look just like they always do – like they could be with anyone and their expressions nor their demeanor would not be any different. Gawd! I thought we had finally been rid of the Most Boring Couple on the Planet. Guess not.

What puzzles me most about this is not where the rumors were started in the first place (because who cares really?) Or that they are still together (because at this point, I’m really thinking that neither of them can be bothered to look for someone who they actually feel something towards.) It’s a quote from Justin’s grandmother. In the quote, she talks about how Justin has always been, and always will be single until he’s ready to give up his career. Or something like that. She also talks about how Justin isn’t ready to marry just yet and how that also shows that he’s single. Uumm…..someone should tell Granny that you don’t have to be married to not be single. From Radar Online,

“Rumors that the couple had split went into overdrive earlier this month when Timberlake’s grandmother Sadie Bomar told a British magazine that she thinks the only thing JT is committed to is his career.

“Jessica was keen to marry, but Justin isn’t ready,” Bomar told Closer. “He’s busy writing new material and he works hard to be successful — he’s really focused on that. As far as we’re concerned, he’s always been single. The girlfriends come and go, but we believe nothing has ever been serious,” the grandmother added. “Justin does his own thing and he isn’t ready to marry just yet.”

Why does Justin’s family think that they can control who he sees, how serious he gets about them, or whether or not he’s ready to be married? Sheesh. First his mother and now his grandmother. And I’m no JT fan, but he is a big boy. I bet Cameron Diaz is glad that she got out when she did. Otherwise, they’d be a couple that’s been dating for six years now and his family still wouldn’t consider it “anything serious.”

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