Seriously, Chris?! Shut up Already!

Chris Brown is still trying to do some major damage control regarding when he turned Rihanna black and blue earlier in the year. I have to say, I was very scared that fans of Chris were going to still support him and that the industry, along with everyone else, would soon forget the horrible things he did to her. Well, Chris may still have a few fans but no one has forgotten. And they’re certainly not going to if he keeps running his mouth off like this. So, I guess I really do hope that he keeps talking. Because one more fan of Chris Brown’s is a fan wasted if you ask me.

This time Chris is giving the same rigamarole about how he’s just human and we shouldn’t judge him. Oh, and he’s still in love with Rihanna. Hmm..still in love with her? Or still in love with the memory of wrapping his hands around her neck and choking her until she was unconscious? Hard to say really. But, he also promises to never, ever do it again. That’s enough for me when someone forgets to call me on my birthday but I don’t know that it’s enough when you’ve nearly killed someone. From Gossip Rocks,

“Chris Brown is still learning from his mistakes.

The ‘Run It’ singer gave a candid interview on a New York radio station, where he spoke about his regret at assaulting former girlfriend Rihanna in February, and told how he is trying his best to make amends.

He said: “I’m human. If people feel a certain way, I’m not going to say they’re wrong. But it’s not right to judge somebody when people make mistakes all the time.

“I’ve learned from my mistakes and I’m learning from them. And I regret every moment, every second of it.”

Chris, 20, also admitted he is still not over ‘Disturbia’ singer Rihanna, and still has strong feelings for her.

He added in an interview with New York radio station Hot 97: “We’ve been friends since I was like 15, we got serious when I was like 17.

“Feelings are feelings and they don’t go away overnight, especially if you sit down and are like, ‘Look, I’m going to really be in this relationship with you, whatever the case, past our busy schedules, past us being two of the biggest artists.’ I really care about her.”

He also promised his fans he won’t make the same mistakes in his life.

Chris said: “I won’t let you down anymore. That was one of the most embarrassing things for me, because of my image and who I was as a young role model to a lot of kids. It was hard for me.”

Seriously?! Does Chris Brown actually want us to feel sorry for him because the backlash of the beating was difficult for him? I wish they had thrown his ass in jail for a good long time. Maybe then he would know what hard really is. And it was embarrassing for him? Embarrassing?!? Because of his image?! Oh, this just makes me livid! And as for him being one of the ‘biggest’ stars? Yes, Rihanna was one of the biggest stars at the time. But Chris? Just not true. I remember when he beat the crap out of Rihanna and the only reason I knew his name at all was because he made a guest appearance on the soap opera that I watch. And, when your gigs include singing on soap operas, you have a long way to go, my friend. (Ugh, even sarcastically calling Chris Brown my friend hurt.)

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