Are Balty and Lilo Hooking Up?

Did Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson break up? I mean, I know they broke up. About 437 times. But, have they broken up again? Because, according to this article from Bump Shack, they have. And not only has Lindsay lost the major love in her life but, she’s alsofound a new one. Apparently. I don’t take rumors of hookups very seriously unless I’ve heard them a lot (in which case I will still only start considering it), or unless I have already heard that one person in question has already broken up with their known partner. Which isn’t the case here. Not for Lilo anyway. Last I heard, she and Sam were still happily screaming at each other from the top of their lungs through hotel room doors. Guess not. Because apparently, Lindsay has found a new love and he’s every bit as trashy as she is. He is Balthazar Getty. Yep, I said trashy, didn’t I? From Bump Shack,

“‘Brothers & Sisters’ star Balthazar Getty and Lindsay Lohan have been recently caught getting hot and cozy at Voyeur night club in West Hollywood. The two arrived at the club together sneaking in through backdoor and were all over each other leaving less than half an hour later.

The 34 year-old actor recently ended his extra-marital affair with fellow actress Sienna Miller, who he had been dating for more than a year. Balthazar announced his separation from his wife Rosetta Millington with whom he has four children back in July 2008 but they still haven’t filed for divorce which legally means he is still a married man.”

The married thing I really don’t have a problem with in this case. Rosettaand Balthazar’s divorce is imminent and I really don’t see Rosetta taking him back after he made such a mockery of their marriage with Sienna Miller. But, I really don’t see what these two could possiblyhave in common. Except for the fact that Hollywood has dubbed them with some pretty gross nicknames. But, Balthazar is old and kind of creepy-looking. Lindsay is young and well okay, kind of creepy-looking. Balthazar is also used to chasing after all the tramps on the beach while Lindsay is more accustomed to being the tramp on the beach. What kind of leg could this relationship have to stand on?

I’m not saying it’s true, I’m not saying it’s not true. I’m just saying that this is a story that is now being reported and if it is true, I think it’s gross. And weird. And something that will never, ever last.

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