Stars Can No Longer Seek the Security of Twitter

This post has nothing to do with heartbreak or hookups, but then again, it could have everything to do with the two. It’s now being reported that stars working for some major companies are being banned from using Twitter as an outlet. The worry? That these celebs that are Twitter-tastic will spill the beans on some major plots for their work, or leak certain details of upcoming projects. Mind you, the source is from the National Enquirer but I had actually read about it a few times before I landed on it again and decided that I was somewhat boiled up about it. This is the official word from National Enquirer,

“Livid studio execs have banned stars from using Twitter to prevent security leaks or spoilers from on-set.

Citing a rash of spoilers being leaked online, execs have expressly forbidden stars including Cameron Diaz and Mike Meyers from blabbing on the microbloggin’ phenon Twitter.

Less they break the dictum by tweeting, Dreamworks, the first studio to go public with the ban, now has a contract clause, forbidding stars from posting – period.

Diaz and Meyers who have been signed for yet another Shrek flick are the first to be affected by the anti-Tweet clause.

Previously, The ENQUIRER was the first to report that with the departure of Miley Cyrus from Twitter, the end is nigh for the narcissistic OCD social disorder.”

No, I’m not disagreeing that some celebs use Twitter to a ridiculous point. And I’ve been known to get pretty bent out of shape about John Mayer’s Twitter Factor. That being said…really?

Are celebrities really going to be censored like this? In a day when anyone and everyone is free to take attack on them at any time, they can’t have the one voice they do have in all of it? I don’t always like what stars write on Twitter, and how much some people use it does really grind at my nerves. But if it’s a legal thing and plot spoiler deal, they can easily have certain clauses written into their contract. But to ban them period. Done.

I just think it’s leaving them with no outlet of their own. And I think that even though it may get out of hand in some cases, I really think Twitter has been a fabulous thing for stars. It’s an easy way to reach a lot of people and debunk rumors or just let them know small details about themselves, or thank them for their support.

Aren’t we always saying that these stars are just people too? So, let them be people. Let Mayer write that he’s lonesome without Jen or going to buy her a diamond ring. Let Jessica Simpson talk about how sad she is about her dog. Who cares? They’re just people! And I think banning them from Twitter is an outrage!

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