The Latest on Madonna and Jesus

I was just thinking that it’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything about Madonna and whoever her current love interest is. And to be honest, I was sort of happy about it. But, just when I was thinking that we were all getting a reprieve from all things Madonna, she’s popped back up in the tabloids. And apparently, she’s still with Jesus. Not only that, but she’s also still acting like his Sugar Momma. According to the latest story, anyway, which claims that she just bought him his own home in NYC. I don’t get this, wasn’t Jesus living with her? Was there a lover’s quarrel? From Pop Crunch,

“Madonna is buying her barely legal boyfriend Jesus Luz a multimillion apartment near her home in New York City.

The Material Girl is reportedly splashing out an impressive sum for a NYC loft for 23-year-old Brazilan model Jesus Luz.

Madonna is buying Jesus an apartment in New York. She has her real estate agent searching for the perfect pad for him in the new neighbourhood where she has just moved,” a tipster tattled to Britain’s The Sun newspaper on Thursday.

“….She is financing everything but Jesus will own it once it’s found and bought She really wasn’t kidding when she told him he’ll never have to worry about money from now on,” the snitch spilled.”

That’s nice. A relationship that’s built purely on an old woman lusting after a young Brazilian hottie, and a Brazilian hottie that’s more than willing to let an old woman pay for everything in his life. Good, that sounds healthy. Honestly, I’ve gotten so sick and freakin tired of Madonna that I don’t really care who she’s buying what for.

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