Cutie Watch: Jen and Violet

I love seeing Jennifer Garner anywhere, whether it’s a photo spread or just out for walks with her daughters. Lately, it’s been mostly the latter as Jen has remained mostly out of the spotlight and let her hubby, Ben Affleck shine as he directs his latest movie “The Town.” And because this family just can’t be apart for too long, they’ve all moved down to Boston where Ben is doing his filming.

But lately, Jen has also been busy doing her own promoting for the latest film that she stars in, The Invention of Lying. And it seems, Jen has recently thought about giving up the big screen to return to the small screen. As I was a huge, huge fan of Alias while it was still on, I would be more than thrilled to be able to watch Jen on a weekly basis! From Gossip Center,

“And while she’s certainly enjoying her time off, Jen recently told press that she’s pondering the idea of a return to TV.

“I never say never to TV because it has been really good for me,” she said. “I am not a snob about work. The great thing about TV is you can stay in one place.

“Eventually my kids aren’t going to want to be living all over the place. Television would allow us to settle down.”

On another note, I recently saw Jen on the new Jay Leno Show. The interview was very funny with Jen cheering on the Boston Red Sox and talking about Violet’s new preschool. Violet did go to preschool last year but because of the family’s move, she needed to attend one that was a little more local than the Brentwood, CA preschool she went to last year.

What was so funny about the interview was that first, we found out that Ben Affleck is an alum at his old preschool in Boston. And this was the only reason that Violet even got into that same school. Can you imagine being an alum of your preschool? You know you have money when…. Secondly, what made the interview even more fun to watch was that we found out that Violet’s preschool is a coop. For those of you that don’t know, a preschool coop is one that the parents run, meaning that the parents each take turns working at the school. Jen spent a lot of time telling Jay how she spends a lot of time at the preschool serving snack and cleaning toilets (hopefully not at the same time!) Yep, just one more way that Jennifer Garner shows that she’s just like any other mom!

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