Is Penelope Cruz Engaged?

Whenever a hot lady traipses around with a huge rock on her left hand, on that very important finger, people automatically start asking whether or not she’s engaged. And the case is no different for Penelope Cruz. It was on Sunday that Penelope was out doing some shopping and running some errands when many pictures were snapped of Cruz wearing some major bling on her hand. And it wasn’t too soon after that that the rumors started swirling. There’s been a lot of buzz lately about Penelope’s relationship with Javier Bardem. After months and months of keeping things on the down-low, they finally went public with it early last year after attending the Oscar’s together. So if they wanted to keep an engagement on the hush-hush too, I don’t think it would surprise anyone.  So, is she engaged or isn’t she? From People,

“A dazzling movie star deserves a dazzling ring – and Penélope Cruz didn’t disappoint Sunday night. But was it an engagement ring? Or simply a conversation piece?

Whichever, all eyes were on the Spanish star at the premiere of director Pedro Almódovar’s BrokenEmbraces on Sunday’s closing night of the 47th New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center, where Cruz, 35, wore what appeared to be a knuckle-sized sapphire surrounded by small diamonds on her ring finger.

“She has achieved a very handsome, good boyfriend, two Oscar nominations, one Oscar and the respect and admiration of her profession,” Almódovar, 60, said.

But Cruz didn’t speak about what, if anything, the ring signifies, preferring instead to talk about Almódovar’s generosity to his actors rather than boyfriend Javier Bardem’s generosity with jewelry. (A source close to the actress also declined to address the ring’s significance.)”

I think that Penelope Cruz is definitely a smart woman. And she’s been in the spotlight long enough now to not pull stunts that would get the rumor mill churning. Or so I thought. But is there any truth to the rumor? Well, the fact that no one is talking makes me really think that this could be a road on the wayto nuptials. And combined with the fact that these two do have a history of keeping things secret seems to confirm it even more. Yep, I think they’re engaged for sure!

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