Sharon Stone Blames Stupidity on Miscarriages

This story enrages me more than Sharon Stone’s stupid remarks about the earthquake that hit China last year. In case you have forgotten, when China was hit by an earthquake last year that killed almost 70,000 people, Sharon Stone opened her once-pretty mouth and said that it must be karma. Insinuating that these poor people had done something so horrendous that they deserved the wrath of God brought down upon them, in the form of an earthquake. Of course, I was just like everyone else at the time and horrified that Stone could be so insensitive and just plain stupid about the whole ordeal. But now, she’s proved that she can be stupider. Because she’s blaming the entire thing on two miscarriages that she suffered.

This is very confusing to me. One, Stone has already apologized for the stupid remarks so I really don’t understand why she’s bringing the spotlight back on her idiocy once again. Two, I don’t even understand how she’s relating one thing to another. Because you have miscarried before, other people deserve to be hurt by your words? I just don’t get it. From Celebitchy,

“Sharon Stone has said that her controversial comments about the 2008 Sichuan earthquake in China were a result of her hurt after suffering two miscarriages.

The actress apologised twice after initially suggesting that the natural disaster could be “karma” for the country’s treatment of Tibet.

Stone told Prestige: “I was in some kind of crazyville. The horrific loss of those people’s children caused me tremendous grief. I was relating to this earthquake like some kind of crazy mother.

“In that moment, I was so grief-stricken, and I was really relating to their grief. I had lost children myself. All of that was really heavy upon me. I was really speaking as a heartbroken mother.”

She added: “I had two pregnancies that I lost in the late fifth month. And this is so awful because I had to go have surgery when my children died. This is a trauma that you just cannot bear.”

I hate to be the one to tell her but, saying that these people were devastated by an earthquake because they had done bad things  is not relating to their pain. Actually relating to someone’s pain would be saying something like, “I am just so devastated for those mother’s that lost their children.” I am particularly angered by this because I too have had several miscarriages. And I too had to have surgery after one of them (it was just one though so I’m sure Sharon would think that she’s much worse off than I was.) But I have never ever thought it was okay to hurt someone because of my own personal tragedy. Yes, it’s a painful time and yes, the hurt is almost unbearable. But I’m sure that’s exactly the same way all those people in China felt after seeing their lives literally collapsing around them. When will Sharon Stone learn to just keep her dumb mouth shut?

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