What is Going on With Katy Perry?

Katy Perry and Travis McCoy broke up, for the first time, in January. And Katy was so devastated by the split that she talked about it openly in her shows and talked about how much her heart was hurting. But not too soon after talking about her broken heart, there were rumors that Katy was making the rounds in Hollywood with her eye on some big names,such as Benji Madden, who at the time had recently split with Paris Hilton. Then Katy and Travis kissed and made up in April and everything seemed to be hunky-dory. And, we really haven’t heard too much about the couple since then. Or, did I miss something and they have broken up again?

That seems to be the case if this story regarding Katy and Russell Brand is true. Russell Brand is one of the most sought-after photographers in Hollywood, not to mention his budding acting career with parts in movies such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The story now goes that these two might have actually hooked up. So, what about Travis? Apparently he’s out of the picture as Katy and Russell spend some time in Paris and there are even rumors that Katy has sent Russell some naked photos of herself via text. And you would think that celebrities have learned their lesson about getting their hoo-hoos caught on tape! The first story, about the alleged texting, comes from Pop Crunch,

“It doesn’t take much to get Katy Perry out of her top. The “Waking Up In Vegas” star and notorious British womanizer Russell Brand have been inseparable since taking up with each other shortly after last month’s MTV Video Music Awards.
According to a snitching pal, Katy’s was so moved be a love poem Brand recently penned — or rather texted in her honor — so was compelled to get naked. Yeah, sappy love poems have that effect on us, too.

“It was cute…..And the best part is that Katy responded by sending him a topless photo of herself.”

Oh, Katy, I expected more of you! But the photo seems to have workedas now the two are cavorting around Paris and acting very lovey-dovey, holding hands and such. That story comes from People,

“Has notorious Lothario Russell Brand been tamed at last? Because, judging by his romantic getaway in the City of Lights with Katy Perry, the ladies man may have found his lady.

Brand, 34, has joined Perry, 25, at fashion shows and parties for Paris’ fashion week, taken eerie strolls at dusk around a famous cemetery and been spotted partaking in demure hand-holding.

“They arrived at John Galliano hand-in-hand,” one attendee tells PEOPLE. “They seem very much like the real thing.”

Contacted by PEOPLE Thursday about the burgeoning relationship, Brand’s rep had no comment. But British newspaper Web sites, like The Sun and Daily Mail, express no doubt that the couple are loved-up in the French capital.

Perry later wrote on Twitter of her time at the Galliano show at Halle Freyssinet, “Oh my, Galliano was by far the best. It was a dark sexy dream of beautiful mental sparkling women, I can relate to that, the mental part!”

Using his “Rusty Rockets” alias, Brand tweeted to his followers Wednesday: “I’m in ‘Gay Paris’ – I swear as an Englishman that by the time I leave tomorrow it’ll be known as ‘Hetero Paris.’ Or at least Bi Paris.’ X”

The break in Paris follows their reported weeklong break in Thailand together and, last weekend, they were spotted strolling in London. And on Saturday, Perry was spotted doing the walk of shame from Brand’s house in London.”

So it seems the stories probably are true and Katy Perry has probably broken up with Travis McCoy once and for all. I’ve never seen the attraction to Russell Brand. Britney Spears was also rumored to be with him at one point and I just don’t get it. He’s not hot, he’s not sexy, he’s not young, like these women are. I just don’t get it….

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#1 Hilary Shepherd on 10.11.09 at 11:32 pm

Not sure why, but this match-up seems to fit for me.

I don’t really understand the appeal of Russell Brand either – except that he’s got a British accent and is funny.

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