Letterman a Bit More Somber on the Late Show

It was late last week that Dave Letterman beat con artists to the punch by coming out with his stories of sleeping with multiple younger women who worked on the show in the past. At the time, Dave seemed very cavalier about the whole thing and really seemed to just be trying to get his point across, and allow the audience to hear it from him. Any talk of his girlfriend, now wife, or any remorse on his part was unheard of. But last night, it was another side of Dave that we saw. And now, he’s back in my good books.

Last night Dave Letterman spoke openly about how his wife is very hurt by the stories and how he has a long way to go in fixing it.In addition to his wife, Dave also apologized to his staff for the drama that’s been on the set lately, and if they suffered at all because of it. He also made sure that everyone knew that the affairs were no longer happening. And he capped it all off with a funny joke about how he’s currently having an affair with the show’s announcer, Alan Kalter. So now, Dave’s back to being okay with me. I never thought that he should be tarred and feathered for what he did. But I did want him to show a little bit of remorse on his part. And now he has. Moving on the Letterman saga…

Now the defense attorney is actually saying that these extortion claims are false. His reasoning for this? Because according to Dave’s story, the con artist requested that the money demanded be paid by check, and not cash. Oh, that’s reasonable grounds. From Pop Crunch,

“Extortion by check? Not likely.A defense lawyer for the CBS News producer charged with trying to extort $2 million from David Letterman is calling the Late Show host “a master at manipulating audiences.”

Attorney Gerald Shargel defended Robert J. “Joe” Halderman on Monday, telling morning show hosts on The TODAY Show and The Early Show that if CBS producer Robert (Joe) Halderman intended to blackmail David Letterman about his sex life with staffers, he would have demanded cash — not a $2 million check.

“Here’s a guy who is an Emmy Award-winning journalist, who has dealt with cops and wiretaps and undercover investigations virtually his entire life,” Shargel said of Halderman on the CBS’ The Early Show Monday.

“Look at the fact that there was a $2 million check. In the history of extortion, I don’t think there’s been a single case where the alleged extortionist took a check in payment. It just doesn’t make any sense.”

Um, the last I checked, being stupid didn’t get you off blackmailing charges. And I also wonder why Dave would come out with these stories, stories that hurt his family mind you, just to stick it to someone? No, I think this is a case of Robert’s blackmail plan backfiring and him looking for any way out.

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