The Gosselin Divorce Gets Even Uglier

As soon as Kate became super  bitchy, and Jon started having affairs with younger women, we all knew that the Gosselin divorce was going to be very ugly and very public. Once Jon started cavorting with every woman he saw and started wearing silly high school t-shirts, we all knew it was only going to get uglier. Now, it has gone one step beyond ugly, into nasty-town.

Jon has pretty much stripped Kate of all her money, leaving her with nothing to care for the kids. In a joint account that Kate gave Jon access to, only on the requirement of an arbitrator, there sat $231,000. Jon, over a period of time, took out exactly $230,000 leaving Kate with $1,000 to take care of the kids. All ofthis in addition to the fact that TLC has changed the name of the show to Kate Plus Eight and that filming on the show has been brought to a halt, on Jon’s request. So where does that leave Kate? Up late at night worrying about how she’s going to pay the bills, according to her, as she tells the Today Show.

Kate appeared on the morning show hours before phoning into The View to speak about Jon’s recent actions and how she is dealing with it. I watched the video of the Today Show through a link provided by and I have to say, for a second I was fooled. Kate actually does come across as very sincere and even sheds a tear over the thought of not being able to provide her children. She also addressed Jon’s concerns about the show not being good for their children, and admitted that it was hooey. Don’t get me wrong. I think that show is exponentially bad for the children. But Jon has always said it wasn’t a problem up to this point so I really don’t understand why he’s changing his tune now. Besides the fact that TLC took his name out of the title of the show. Anyways, Kate addressed these allegations by not only reiterating the fact that the crew is family, the kids love them, blah blah blah, but she also said the kids are actually angry that there is no filming going on now. So, is she using her kids in a classic manipulation tactic, or is their father really doing some damage to his own kids here?

I can see the reason why Kate’s panicking. She really did have it good for a few years and all at once, it’s pulled out from under her. And her biggest concern should certainly be about providing for her children. But, there are other ways to do that besides having a show that exploits them and doesn’t allow them the chance to have a normal life. Kate has written books about parenting that fans of hers love. She could continue doing that. She said on The View this morning that she would work on McDonald’s if she had to and maybe she should do that. My point is that there are tons of things Kate Gosselin could do, and many that could still make her that big paycheck. I don’t think her or her kids will be in want after this is cleared up.

All of that being said, I think Jon Gosselin is scum. Using money that’s set aside specifically for the care of your children, and using it to spend in Vegas, and on all your different affairs, is just about as low as you get. I really hope that he realizes that his kids are going to know every single ugly action he took andwhat he specifically took from them. Because he really is despicable.

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