Jon Gosselin Keeps Speaking, Keeps Making an Ass of Himself

I really don’t understand Jon Gosselin. Seeing as how I don’t think Jon Gosselin knows Jon Gosselin, that’s not a big surprise. But while he’s married to Kate, and surrounded in this “media circus” (his words), he couldn’t stop moaning and groaning about how awful life is being under the microscope. Then, he gets this huge public divorce and instead of going into hiding as much as possible, he’s out and about, showing his new girlfriends off and talking to just about anyone who’s willing to listen to him. And I actually did stop being one of those people some time ago. But, when I heard that he wanted to pull his kids off the TLC show, I had toknow why.

What could he possibly say that would convince us that he was doing this completely for the kids’ benefit? This is such complete garbage, I’m almost outraged by it. While Jon was a big part of the show, the cameras and the constant people and the children being constantly under the microscope was all okay. They ‘loved watching Mommy and Daddy.’ And they ‘treated the crew as though they’re extended family members.’ These are all things that Jon and Kate have both said in the past in defense of the celebrity lives they’ve chosen for themselves and their children. And now that Jon is no longer seeing any of the buck coming from the exploitation of his children, he wants to pull the plug. And here’s an interesting side note: This past weekend TLC announced that they were changing the name of the show to Kate Plus Eight. That’s gotta hurt. Maybe bad enough to want to put a stop to it.

You can view the clip of Jon on Larry King, which is where he talks about how damaging the show is to his kids, . I found it on Celebrity Dirty Laundry. Seriously though, could he be more of an ass?

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