Chris Brown Makes Pathetic Attempt at Comeback

I don’t know. Is it really considered a ‘comeback’ when Chris Brown has only been on Hollywood’s Most Hated list for less than a year now? Well, whether it can be called a comeback or not, Chris Brown is making  his first live appearance since he beat his girl, Rihanna, to a pulp in February. I really thought that people were starting to forget the horrific things Chris had done and that they were even starting to forgive him a little bit.

But Iwas happy to read that Hollywood, and the rest of the world, still seem to remember all too vividly what he did.  Yep, you hit your woman and things get bad for a long time. Chris doesn’t seem to be in the caliber of company that he would’ve been before he decided to be a complete douche. From Digital Spy,

“Chris Brown is to make his first live appearance since his altercation with Rihanna.

The 20-year-old R&B singer will headline the New Jersey radio station Power 105.1 FM’s ‘Powerhouse 09’ concert.

Brown, who has taken time off from the spotlight since his conviction, will perform at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, NJ on October 27.

A promoter told MSNBC: “This is a pretty C-list lineup. Keri Hilson is good, Ginuwine has some following, but this is nothing like the lineup that would have surrounded him this time last year.

“Chris was the Michael Jackson heir apparent, he had huge endorsement deals. This isn’t the sort of showyou would have expected from him before he got in trouble.”

According to Rolling Stone, it is still unclear if Brown has clearance from the Los Angeles court to perform at the show.”

It wouldn’t surprised me if he performed at the show when he wasn’t legally allowed to. Chris is so arrogant, pleading with his fans to come back to him and how sorry he is for what happened. I’m proud to say that we’re really not stupid. And not getting the gigs he once would is a nice confirmation of that for me. I hope Chris Brown rots. And I hope this ‘C-List lineup’ is the best Chris is ever going to see.

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