Kelly Rutherford is a Whacko

Have I said this before? I think Kelly Rutherford is a whacko. She had this completely bitter divorce with her ex-husband, Daniel Giersch, and it couldn’t have helped that the divorce proceedings started when she was about two months pregnant with their second child. Their custody battle was even uglier with creepy details about Kelly’s breast-feeding practices coming out in court. Kelly, in turn, thought that things such as potty training were also legal matters, and not something that should be worked out between the parents – married or not. Everything finally settled and I was really hoping that we wouldn’t hear too much more about Kelly and Daniel. Very wishful thinking.

Now Kelly has gotten a temporary restraining order on Daniel. Because he’s showing up and making scary threats. I’m sure. Sorry, I’m feeling a tad skeptical today and think that this is just another way for Kelly to try and make Daniel’s life a living hell. From Star,

“The ongoing custody battle between Kelly Rutherford and her estranged husband Daniel Giersch has become even more bitter. The Gossip Girl star was granted a temporary restraining order against Daniel on Thursday, according to Los Angeles Superior Court records.

Kelly claims Daniel “has begun to follow me, my mother and my nanny and he shows up unexpectedly to threaten and scare us.”

Daniel’s lawyer denied the claims, calling them “fabricated accusations.” Currently, the couple split custody of Hermes, 2, and Helena, 3 months.

The stay-away order is in effect for 21 days. Their next court date is October 15.”

I certainly hope that goes well for Daniel. And maybe Kelly can be charged with obstruction of justice or something. Or simply just being a waste of our time.

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